First off, thanks for all the offers. 🙂 I am looking to go in a new direction with my photography. And it will be coming soon. And I’ll need some help to get there. So I’ll let ya’ll know when and where (not physically of course) I’m going 🙂 It’s more of a lifestyle photography route. Something that I WANT to shoot. Right Brooke 😉

Secondly, I’m making a new logo. So here’s some options and tell me which you think it best. In design you should always go in uneven numbers. But I just LIKE the 2 hearts. So that being said, which one do you think suits me best or just looks to nicest.


Thirdly, I’ve decided ya’ll would be pretty swell to start using regularly. Thoughts on it?

Fourthly (is that a word?), my friend Christina and her sister have started a great cooking blog. And they’ve had some GREAT posts on there. So check it out here at Frankly Entertaining.

Fifthly (definitely NOT a word) a picture I love to share from Matt and Jasmine’s wedding that I am madly editing and almost done (wahoo!)