We are keeping this simple this year. Really trying to focus on the real meaning of Christmas and less on all the other stuff that comes with this commercialized  over-scheduled time. We put up the Christmas tree late. (More of that had to do with both Norah and Oliver being at tough stages for trees and decorations.) I got smart and put only one tree (we have one kid one and one mom one) and it’s in the basement. So that makes it less accessible to Norah. And it’s still by a fireplace and all cozy. Win-win.

Presents are simple this year too. More about the Savior and less about things. Our advent calendar got changed and this year each night it has a hymn, scripture and activity that centers on the Savior. I’m loving it and I hope my kids are too.

I hope the remember the time together and our testimonies of the Savior’s birth. I love to buy my kids presents and clothes. I love to be able to give them new things that I didn’t get when I was a kid. But in reality I got what I needed. I grew up knowing why Christmas is special. And why we really celebrate.

And in the end, THAT is what I want for all my kids.