Our Advent activities this year are a little adjusted. Well it seems each year I do that a bit. But this year we are going again with the 24 Christmas books all wrapped up (I forgot to take a picture so I’ll take it today!)
We had two books today since we’ve got more than 24 – some are wrapped with 2 in the package. We opened these two books…
Polar Express and Gingerbread Pirates

And then this.
Advent Activity Jar
This year instead I put all the activities inside the jar and each day the kids pick out two or three.

Our craft pulled from the jar was this. A very simple santa hat. Red construction paper and I wanted to use cotton balls but I couldn’t find them, and these cotton pads worked just as well!
Santa Hat Craft
Lucy's Santa Hat Craft
My kids plus two neighbor kids who were over while we did our Christmas craft today.

Kids Christmas Crafts
And then we opened some pjs and went driving around town to see all the lights.

Christmas Lights

They also have a Lego Christmas Advent Calendar all the kids are sharing and one of those chocolate ones each. That way they always get to open one with chocolate and each third day they get a small lego guy.

What are YOU doing for your advent calendar this year?

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