I can’t believe he is 8. Really, it seems crazy on so many levels.
8 is Great
At 8 Alden is…..
• tall and slim
• blond haired and blue eyed and very handsome 🙂
• sensitive and tender, gets his feelings hurt before he gets physically hurt
• very kind and patient with his younger siblings
• loves to sleep in and sleep lots (gets that from his momma); goes to bed around 8 and sleeps til 7:30 and complains every morning that he needs to sleep in more
• loves to draw and create things
• he created a “germ language” so he can write words with germ drawings
• has notebooks filled with creations and inventions
• loves to come up with makeup stories including plots and story lines, characters and all sorts of things
• still loves math
• is loving grade two and quite happy about school lately
• favorite foods are cheeseburgers, crepes, nutella and spaghetti with garlic toast
• finally tasted soup for the first time this year
• has become a WAY better eater as he has gotten older and is way more willing to try foods
• loves Pokemon, Bakugan, Lego, Star Wars (even though he’s never seen it),
• is really excited about getting baptized and getting the gift of the Holy Ghost
• loves to go to the movie theater
• is completely obsessed with the Wii at his Grandparent’s house
• loves to be read to
• loves to ask how things work and wants you to explain how to him
• asks why about almost everything
• loves to ride his scooter and his bike outside
• loves sports of all kinds and has recently decided that he needs to play hockey (not going to happen)
• plays soccer every day at lunch and recess at school
• loves to play computer games
• rarely watches any TV at all
• prays to “Feast on the scriptures” every night
• loves to play with Lucy especially a game called the “hamster game” that they made up
• has a strong testimony of the Gospel and of Jesus Christ
• is very close to the Spirit and can easily feel promptings and often tells us so
• hates having his toe nails clipped and complains about it every time
• loves dance music
• tells me that when he grows up he is going to move “where the Saints are” in Utah And then asks me if I am going to come with him
• is very confident and comfortable with himself
• doesn’t worry about what other think of him (which i love about him!)
Alden is such a good boy. He really just wants to do what is right and we are so thankful to have him in our home. We love him so much!