1. Yes there are subway art left. I have 8×10 ($5) and 11×14($8) unframed. I have lots of all the Christmas Art left!

2. No monsters left. They sold out really well. I should have made more. Alden and Lucy both requested more. No dolls left either. Well except the one Eli has claimed and the one Lucy claimed.

3. Crayon Rolls are $5. And I totally have more!

4. The only picture I took of all the wood stuff and it doesn’t even give a tiny bit of how much there was! I’ll have to take some pictures of the ones I kept tomorrow to show you!
Wooden Crafts

5. Yes busy much. Glad that Fabulous Friday (craft day at the church), the craft fair, almost all my booked 2010 shoots, mom & dad’s 40th wedding anniversary are all over. Now I just have to finish editing the shoots I have and get them to all the clients. And enjoy getting ready for Christmas!!

And I just wanted to add Happy Anniversary to my mom and dad. Two wonderful people whom I love! I’d add a picture of them but I couldn’t find the wedding picture of them I wanted too. Just pretend it’s right down below ūüôā