So things worked out that Regan and I got a little get away to Arizona. It was a bit last minute but it worked out awesome. We had a babysitter and we had a free place to stay and we used points to fly so it was a really cheap vacation too! All in all fantastic. Here’s my picture dump about the whole thing. I had never been to the desert before. The beauty of it was amazing. And man, I loved how in Arizona the mountains just seemed to pop up from the earth without any rolling hills like we have around here. We did a great hike, thanks to my friend Jill’s recommendation. And really got to see the beauty of the valley that way. It was awesome. And tiring and totally worth it.


And um… cactus’ are weird.

RLS_4569RLS_4541RLS_4545RLS_4550RLS_4555RLS_4630Here we are at the basin in the Siphon Draw hike in Lost Dutchman State Park. We decided to keep going a bit and ended up climbing up about to the top of the middle of this frame. Amazing views. (And I am annoyed that my timer shot chopped off our legs… but whatcha gonna do ;))

RLS_4609RLS_4600RLS_4626The sun peeking over the mountains? Fantastic!

Lucky me, that I got to meet two online photography friends while I was down there. And they were awesome. Ashby and Jill. Jill was out food tour guide and gave me a list of lots of yummy places to eat. (Which we did.)


A couple people have asked me about the places we ate out. So I’ll make a list of my favorites. Seriously there were so many places and more I wanted to try.

1. Postinos It’s a wine bar (which doesn’t help us out since we don’t drink ;)) But the food was SO GOOD! They have these fantastic bruschettas! Amazing!!! You pick four kinds and they all come out on this fantastic wooden cutting board. (My phone had died or I would have taken a picture!!) We tried the Bie & Apples with Fig Spread, Fresh Mozzarella with Tomato and Basil, Warm Artichoke Spread and Ricotta with Dates & Pistachios. Oh my heck, seriously so stinking good! Warm, crispy fresh bread with these toppings? Heavenly!! Then for dinner we got a soup and half a sandwich. The soup was a smooth Roasted Red Pepper and Gouda soup. Creamy with a little bit of a bite. Oh my. My sandwich was  Prosciutto with triple cream brie, fig jam and arugula on a lovely thick fresh Focaccia bread. I could eat that sandwich for the rest of my life. Regan got the Autostrada sandwich that had Sopresatta, Italian ham, cappicola, Mortadella, Provolne, Argula and Tomatoes with spice pepper relish on ciabatta. I would have tried his but then he might have wanted some of mine…. and I wasn’t giving any up 😉

2. Republica Empanada  Jill and Ashby met up with Regan and I here. Sooooo good. Totally going to get all crazy about empanada’s and learn to make tasty ones after that place!!! I tried the Republic Chicken and the Bean and Cheese with the Fig, Cheese and Caramel for dessert. Which were so good I ordered seconds. Seriously had a stomach ache when we left cause I couldn’t stop eating the food!!!! Go there if you go to Arizona!!!!!!


2. Le Grand Orange: A Pizza place connected to a cute little grocery place. We had Shrimp Ceviche for an appetizer and then the Avocado Pizza with prosciutto. The thin crust sour dough-ish crust was Chewy and so good. Such a great place!!!

3. Sweet Republic Ice Cream: Oh my this was soooo tasty!! I tried their Toffee Banofi Sundae and couldn’t finish it but it was freakishly good. Best waffle cone I’ve ever had!


The others that were on my list that we didn’t get too….

  1. Ranch Market (Los Altos): It’s a Mexican grocery store with a restaurant at the back. Totally got there too late and they had closed the restaurant place.
  2. Liberty Market 
  3. Crackers & Co
  4. The Farmhouse
  5. Joe’s Real BBQ
  6. Grimaldi’s

Next time…. 🙂 There were some friends I didn’t get to see and food I wanted to try, so yes, we will be back!!!

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