sept 18 - Blow up
This is a snap shot of my living room wall. I just got it to look like this. As in on Saturday I started getting out the ladder that my brother Bob had left here (like I asked him too) and started getting all the hangers out and then my dear husband got the hint and actually did the job ūüôā

I take lots of pictures. Lots of ones that mean a lot to me. And sometimes I don’t get many printed. Why NOT?! Who knows. I get some printed for scrapbooking (although I need some printed from lately to scrapbook). But I need to display some of my art. My photography. So I bought that big frame from Ikea last time I was in Calgary. And got a large 20×28 print done at London Drugs. And trimmed off a tiny bit so it would fit in the frame (ever notice Ikea frames NEVER fit regular printing sizes?).
This is the picture in case you are wondering.
Middle of Nowhere

The Alphabet art is something I’ve been working on forever. I had all the letters done a month or more ago but it wasn’t antiqued. So finally I did that too and my wonderful husband hung them all up for me. It is TOTALLY inspired from The amazing Susie Haarris. She has lots of other ones I am going to make on my own to hang in my house!

I want to add a small wooden word “love” and perhaps one other thing since it’s best to have an odd number. But I love how it looks.

Have you blown up any BIG pictures lately and hung them up?

And thanks for all the comments on yesterdays post. I wasn’t looking for accolades on my mothering at all, just sharing my thoughts. I used to spend more time writing about things more on here and I’ve decided I need to do that more often.