As we are, with you: 04-16

Before we left to Mexico (that’s where we were last week when crickets were chirping around here 😉 I knew my “As we are, with you” was coming up so I took the picture. It doesn’t happen very often ahead but I actually planned. HA! And I’ve wanted to do a self portrait out of the house with my kids but I was always a little nervous. I know I’m a little obsessive about documenting our family and I know that other people don’t always understand it. BUT I’ve come to realize that I don’t care actually. It’s important and I think more people need to understand it and get in the frame more with their families.

So in honor of that here is my out of the house self portrait with my two littles, at our local small town grocery store. Every time we go in the front door they want to hold the basket (usually there is a small disagreement about who gets to hold it until they settle on one having each side. But they don’t want it to heavy. So as soon as I get a couple things in it, they abandon it for running to the cookie counter instead. I’m realizing lately that these years of little people around me are actually really short. And soon I won’t have these two constantly trailing behind me and asking to hold my basket or my hand. It makes me want MORE record and MORE images of our live as it is now, with me in them.

As we are, With you: Just Rhonda

Now go check out my photographer friends as they get in front of the camera too.

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  • April 18, 2016 - 6:36 pm

    Naomi - OH I love it! Did you set up a tripod in the store?? 🙂