As we Are, With you: 10/16

The end of a weekend of my hubby being on call is the hardest for me. I feel very done with parenting. Especially when it is filled with a few sleepless nights thanks to the kids, a volleyball tournament out of town and other various things we had to attend like this past one. I need space from everyone which isn’t really possible. Often the house ends up a disaster too and that adds to the feeling of frustration. And I know when dad comes home he’s going to be exhausted too. I don’t want to drain him either. It’s something that is a challenge every weekend he is on call. But it’s part of our life and will be for many years to come. I always need a little time to recoup on Monday. Finding ways to fill my tank when it’s empty: prayer, quiet time, sleep, talking to another adult ;). Really it’s like that always with being a mom, I just find it amplified on the on call weekends. I’m trying to be aware of self care and making sure I don’t take on too much. Not always my best skills… good thing I have YEARS to practice it. 😉

As we are with you | Just Rhonda

Now go check out my photographer friends as they get in front of the camera too.

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    Naomi - This is so sweet. Love the lighting. I can totally relate too. My hubby works a wonky schedule…7 days in a row. 7 nights of homework, dinner, bath, and bed on my own. It tends to get old. 🙂 but somehow we survive!