My friend Serena told me about a great tradition called Back to School Feast from the lovely Stephanie Nielson. I loved the idea. Love loved it. So I decided that we would start the tradition too! So last night, the night before school we had a fancy meal. Really it was a regular meal with a few things from around the house to fancy it up. I wanted to pick something that all the kids would eat without complaining. So I went with Spaghetti with meatballs. For decorations I used things from around the house. RLS_4675RLS_4677

I made crowns for all the kids.


This was about as good as it got with all the kids in one picture.

RLS_4722The three that are off to school.


And all the three kids showing how they feel about school…..



Regan and I picked a theme that we wanted the kids to think about for the year. So this is what we went with. We talked to them about how we wanted them to try things. Work hard and live life to the fullest.


The kids really loved that it was all set up. They loved the decorations and they loved that we were making it fancy. When Eli walked in he announced “what the heck is all this for?” I think they mostly loved that we made it special. After we had dinner and dessert and then Regan gave Alden, Lucy and Eli a father’s blessing before we sent them off to bed.

Just Rhonda

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