Our red wall in our bedroom. Already this color when we moved in. It perfectly matched my bedspread 🙂 And can you see the great painting the reflection of the mirror?? My MIL (Bea) gave it to me and my SIL’s (Whitney) mom (Carol Robinson) painted it. (got that straight??) And the headboard my SIL Val gave to me. Looks like I am all about people giving me stuff hey??

I am painting the headboard. So that’s gone…. still haven’t made my bed though…. I actually painted the little bedside tables too. They used to be kids dressers but they are WAY to small to actually hold clothes. For a baby they are fine but Alden can fit like 2 pairs of pants in the drawer. So I repurposed them to be bedside tables. And did my favorite thing – painted them white 🙂

Then I added a whole bunch of white frames. And made my bed. Busy day. hahahahaha
I’m having troubles with my headboard. The paint was seeping thru so my white looked pink. SO I have to do a primer coat first. I think it will look great once I get the headboard up too. Then all I need is lamps the same color (and shades on both) 🙂 and to print out some pictures for the frames.

What do ya think?
And HOPPY Easter! 🙂