Billie and Dallas are getting married

Billie was nervous about getting pictures taken. She said she wasn’t comfortable. But man she is totally photogenic and beautiful. And it’s totally satisfying to capture people who say that they aren’t comfortable and get them to relax and chat with me and capture who they are. And how beautiful they are.

Billie said she knew on their first date that she was gonna marry Dallas.

Old Chief is special to Billie’s dad so I was happy we could get it in the background.

They loving watching sports together. And playing softball together. And supporting Billie’s three kids. At this session Dallas told Billie how much he loved her kids and how much he loved her kids and being in their lives. So so so so sweet.

I think their wedding will be LOTS of fun. They’re getting married in Sparwood in July. And I think it will be a fun time had by all.

Huge congrats to these two.

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