Brant and Zoe are getting married

Beautiful light + beautiful couple makes for SO MUCH fun taking pictures. These two were just lovely. And man are they cute together! I love love!

These two love birds met on January 1st and got engaged a month after starting dating.

They love going on walks together, road trips, going to concerts and going dancing.

The evening Brant proposed he took Zoe back to the Watertower, where they had had their first date. He had the ring in his truck and he went back to get the ring and accidentally dropped it into the snow. So then he was franticly trying to find it while playing it cool the whole time. Luckily he found it and then dropped down on his knee to propose.

The one word they used to describe themselves was Joy. “Both of us are exploding with happiness that we found each other.” <3

Are they not so sweet?! 🙂

Can’t wait for your wedding guys!!

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