Sometimes (or more correctly lots of times) Lucy gets these ideas in her head of things she wants to do. I have lots of kids crating books around the house and a lot of supplies that are here so that when my kids want to craw or paint or build or whatever they can. Lucy is naturally creative and has no fear in trying anything like that. It’s a great thing about her.¬†Last week she decided she wanted to make a little purse. She had seen a picture in one of the books we have and asked for some felt and just kind of started making one. When she needed help I tried to help her fix it up so that it would work but two sides didn’t work together because she had just started cutting instead of using a pattern. I asked her about where her pattern was and she laughed “Pattern? Who needs a pattern?” It was pretty funny and it seems she takes after her mother. I’m a bit more along the lines of making it up rather than actually following an exact pattern. I like to take things and make them my own. Seems so does she.

I told her instead that we would start again and I would help cut out the pieces so that they would work together. Her and her friend (who often seems to be over when she gets these big ideas…) decided they wanted to use the sewing machine so they carried that up to the kitchen table too. I asked Lucy if she had ever sewed something. She said “Yea sure, at grandma’s house when we made that little quilt.” She sat down and tried to start sewing. It didn’t work out the best so I stopped what I was doing (making supper) and sat down with the two girls and we made these little snowman bags. Lucy did all of it herself except cutting the stuff out and starting the buttons. That was all I did. That and make sure she didn’t press as hard as she could on the sewing machine pedal ūüėČ It took her about 20 minutes to make and most of that time was spent learning to sew on buttons.


  • 3 pieces of white felt. (they are 10″ circles with one flat side) – 1,2 &3
  • 1 triangle orange felt carrot nose
  • 2 buttons for the eyes and 4 or more for the mouth
  • Piece of Red (or other colored) ribbon for the strap


1. Sew the nose onto white piece #1.


2. Sew on the buttons for the eyes and mouth onto piece 1.


3. Sew white piece #2 onto the back of white piece #1 (the other with the face) going all the way around the piece. This will cover up all of the sewing.


4. Lay out the Snowman face on top of the white piece #3 and lay your ribbon so that the edges are tucked in the the sides. Pin it together. And sew around the round curves (leaving the flat edge of the circle open for the pocket). After trim off the edges if they don’t line up right.


5. It’s all done.


This is a perfect little sewing activity that taught Lucy how to sew on buttons (and gave her lots of practice) and something that she could do mostly on her own and gave her lots of confidence with the sewing machine. And since it is felt you don’t have to turn it inside out and that makes it easier for a child (or anyone else) to do! You could do it after Christmas as a keep-my-child-busy-so-she-doesnt-drive-me-crazy activity. Or she could make it this week for her sibling or friend as a present!

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