Last year I participated in a Red, White and Blue link up where there were lots of fun ideas shared mostly about American things. I did Road curling which was a Canadian game for the project. There were lots of fun other ideas and some that I could change into a more Canadian feel. Like this printable and this bunting. Well this year I thought it would be fun to celebrate Canada again. And I’ve even got a giveaway coming together that is totally Canadian from one of my favorite places in Canada.

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I’ll be sharing things all week that are crafts and printables and stuff that is all Canadian. Some of them inspired by this years Red, White and Blue link up. For today, here is an easy printable. All you have to do is download it and get it printed and slap it into an 8×10 frame. Simple as that!

Free Canada Day Printable| Just Rhonda

That’s it. Super easy and cute.

Free Canada Day Printable| Just Rhonda


You can download it here.

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