Capture Life

I love looking at the world through my lens. Capturing every day moments of my children. That’s how all of this started. I’ve heard the term “momographer” used in a negative way. But really I wouldn’t be doing this if my children hadn’t of come along. It’s true I did take photography as a course in my college education (back when a dark room was involved.) But it really wasn’t until I had my first child, Alden, that I truly started to realize what pictures can mean. Capturing moments can mean.

And from there, really it grew. And with each child, it has grown. I got a better camera. And I started taking pictures of everything. And every one.  I have taken different courses that have really opened my eyes even more. Helping me see the light. Opening my eyes to all the beautiful ways light happens. And the idea of creating something artistic with a camera. Education is a big part of my photography and I am constantly trying to learn more about it and how to perfect my craft more.

I’ve started to see how I can put part of myself into my pictures. I love taking pictures.  I love taking pictures of my own children and family. I love watching a bride and her new husband so in love with each other. I love seeing a mother with her brand new baby. I love being around a newly engaged couple who are completely head over heels in love with each other. I love seeing the light as the sun rises on the mountains or the deep colors in the big Alberta sky. I love chatting with kids and chasing them around with my camera. I love when someone lets me try whatever I want to with the camera and lets me be creatively free. I love it when families come with things that make them unique. Pieces of them. Special stuffed animals or skateboards. People who will let me direct them but also interact with each other lovingly and naturally.

I am so very grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow as a photographer and get to know so many wonderful people. In a way, I feel like my photography is taking me on a journey. Too see God’s beautiful creations in the world and meet so many people. I hope you find something that inspires you or makes you happy. I hope you see moments captured.

If you want to talk to me more about my client photography, go to and if you want to just see my photos of my family and kids click here.