In years past I have tried a 365, which means that you try and take a picture every day for a year. I have royally failed and some years I have gotten half way through the year. Never have I actually done a whole year. It’s really hard šŸ˜‰ But I always love the images that I do capture through out the year. So this year, along with a group of other photography friends I am trying again. And already I love the images that I’ve captured of my family.

I’ve been uploading them onto flickr along with the rest of the ladies I’m doing this with. I have shared a couple on FB but lots I haven’t. I find that if I am consciously trying to take more pictures of my life and family then I often get more than just one a day. There are a lot of people around my house to capture!





I haveĀ have enlisted my older two kids to help. I set up the camera with the right settings and then let them shoot away. Lucy took this one of us and I edited it.


I’ll keep doing my 15 on the 15th this year (and I think a few other friends are going to join me this year) and I’m doing my monthly project with friends that is 5 on the 5th but we are changing that up a bit to something else and a different day). More real, everyday life captured. And that’s really what I want.Ā Just Rhonda Footer

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