I was going through my photos this past week and editing them. Sometimes I get behind on the editing just because of the sheer volume of pictures I take of our family. There are a lot. And I love that. In fact I sometimes have to remind myself that it’s okay if I don’t capture something for a day because in the overall volume of my kids lives they are easily captured. But there are always more stories to capture. Like this photo. There are quite a few stories hidden in this one photograph. I shot it standing right above sleeping Eli shooting straight down with a really wide lens. I wanted to capture all of it. The whole mess around him too. It tells different stories than if I had laid on the floor and captured just his sleeping face – which for the record I did think about. That would have cut out all of the mess around him. But in this mess there are stories too.

One moment captured shares a story

Story #1 is the obvious one. Of how Eli is sleeping in the middle of the day in the middle of his floor. He has candy all around him. He had been to a birthday party that day and had come home with a bag full of loot (see the green bag.) He was walking around the house eating it in front of the littles. Not just eating it but making loud “mmm this is sooo good”, “don’t you guys wish you had some candy too” and those sorts of statements and then not sharing. Doing that to Alden and Lucy who are older is a little rude but it’s not mean. But doing it to Norah and Oliver who are then crying because of it is mean and I told him he had to share. That made him really mad and he went off to his room to sulk which is how he got here. He had been up before 6 this morning and running ever since and when he stopped for a few moments of quiet he was asleep in 30 seconds.

Story #2. Notice his socks. They don’t match and they are way to big for him. This is another currently so Eli story captured in this photograph. You can actually see another pair of socks to the left of his head. Those are actually a pair and actually his. He has been funny about socks for close to a year. Last year this time he started wearing socks on his hands so he could “pet his dragons”. He wore them everywhere and would choose a pair that matched for his hands over one for his feet. He wore them to church, to school, to the store, really everywhere. It was one of his little quirks that I just let him do because it didn’t real matter. That is until I looked over in Sacrament meeting one day and he was trying to take the Sacrament with a sock on his hands. After that they weren’t allowed to go to church. But these days he thinks wearing socks that WAY to big for him is funny. Like that if he wears dad’s socks that he can pull up to his knees is awesome. And he just goes down to the laundry room and picks two no matter what color they are or what pattern. It’s a random draw that he loves. This day he was wearing a soccer sock. Which is a whole other story about his current excitement about the upcoming soccer season and how he says he is going to run SO fast and be SO good. (Including our current wonder if this excitement will last past the first game of the season.) But back to the socks. I’ve asked him multiple times to wear his own socks but he just laughs and thinks this current sock phase is soooo funny. I’ve even boughten him more socks and the first thing he does with new socks is try them ALL on and keep changing them all day long so that he’s “used” them all. Then they all go to the laundry. It’s one of the more frustrating things he does to me.

Story #3 is that pirate ship. Well that part of a pirate ship that is laying on its’ side. That was a gift he got a year ago. And it was one of those things that I thought would be so cool to get. Something that I would have LOVED as a child but my parents wouldn’t have been able to buy us. I love getting those gifts for my kids because it fills something in my childhood in a way. But I should learn that these gifts are not Eli gifts. He is a taker a parter. It took me considerable time to put together that ship on Christmas morning. And within 1 day he had taken the whole thing apart. And promptly lost a bunch of it. I have refound and put it all back together a few times. And for whatever reason he takes it apart right after. When I ask him why he says he doesn’t know. He just does it.

Story #4 is that pack of diapers. That isn’t even an Eli story – it’s an Oliver story. That he is still not potty trained and has all but refused to do it. And I have stopped trying to push it. Perhaps its my laziness. Part of it is his grumpy three year old stage. Fighting him on something else just is not that inviting to me. We already are fighting about things on a daily basis that I just don’t have it in me to fight about this too. Those diapers are too small but I don’t want to buy a bigger size I want him to change his mood about it all and be on board too. It’s really just hopefully thinking at this point.

Story #5 is the clothes on the floor. I’ve been trying to teach Eli and Oliver to put their clothes right into the dirty laundry when they take them off. Clearly I am failing at this effort. Every time I remind Eli to put them right into the laundry basket, he shakes his head the whole time I am talking and says “i know, yup, right away” and then does’t do it even the next time. It’s in one ear and out the other.

Story #6 is that blanket he’s laying on. Eli was a boy with a blanket. He loved his blanket. A LOT. He actually had two blankets that didn’t look the same at all but they felt the same. Grandma Davis had made them and even crocheted the edges around them. And that was what Eli loved. He would lay in his bed at night and pick apart the crocheting. The other blanket was mostly navy blue. And he carried one with him everywhere he went all day long. But we would always leave one at home so that we’d always have one around. Then one time we went to visit a friend in Airdrie and we ended up leaving this blanket at her house. And it ended up staying there sitting waiting to be mailed back to us for close to a year. And Eli used the other blanket. It practically became part of him. He’d cart that blanket around everywhere. Literally and it was filthy. But he wouldn’t let me wash it because he didn’t have a different one to hold onto while I washed it. Sometimes I’d sneak it into the wash and he’d sit and wait for it to be clean. Time passed and he got bigger and he seemed to carry that navy blue blanket with him less. And one day he didn’t ask for it at bedtime. I found it later that night on the floor and said to myself “Woah, that’s never happened before.” I knew it was a moment that was a turning point for him. And it was. He stopped taking it everywhere but when he did find it he’d go back to the picking it apart. Then one day it fell apart. A few months later my friend ended up mailing this blanket back to us. And when I opened that package Eli was beside me and he yelled out loud “it’s my baby blanket!” I thought he had forgotten this blanket. That he’d moved on. But all of a sudden he started carting this blanket around. And still if he sees it he  says in a baby voice (which I’ve told him not to talk like that) “it’s my baby blanket!” and he snuggles it. Especially when he’s over tired. Like he was this day when I captured him sleeping on the floor.

There are other smaller stories like the reading books on the floor and the blanket that is over in the right hand side of the frame and the play pan that is laying by the dresser and the belt that is almost out of the frame.

So many stories to be told from one photograph because captured the whole area. I wouldn’t want this every time. But this shot, I’m glad I have it. And think of how I could document all these stories in my Project Life albums.

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