Looking for a sweet topping to add to your breakfast?

Caramelized pears are just the thing! My favorite is actually caramelized bananas…. but I didn’t have any this day! So I did pears!


Put 1/3 cup of sugar into a frying pan on the stove and turn on some high heat.

Every few minutes swish the pan around to move the sugar. Not to hard. Just a little bit of a shake. Twist of the wrist. Tip the pan back and forth. Get my drift?

All of a sudden it turns carmeley…. (yep that’s totally a word…. right???) Add in 4 Tbsp of butter and let that melt (it’ll do it quick.) Shut of the heat.

Then pour in 4 Tbsp of cream and let it bubble.

Then add in your fruit. Turn the heat back onto a low simmer.

Mix it around and let the caramel cover over your fruit. If it was bananas it’d be all soft and ready but the pears needed a few minutes to soften up and brown.

Then pour it on top of your warm french toast.

Next time I’d peel them. The peel was okay. But it’d be better without I think.