Norah turned 4. And she (mostly because of her older siblings ideas) decided that she needed a birthday party with friends. And it needed to be a cat party. So we did one. But I kept it SUPER simple. She had a few things she was insistent on. There had to be pink. And there had to be cat ears.

This cutest dress is from Little Livey. Isn’t it so so cute?!! And my lovely momma made the cute ears. I bought some thicker headbands, two colours of pink fabric and some dress boning.

I got the little cat stuffies from the local Pharmacy and each girl got one to take home along with their ears. Her big cat is what she got from Santa.

One shot of me decorating the cake. It was a simple white cake with a chocolate mousse in between the layers and a raspberry buttercream on top.

The whole party was acting like cats. They drank milk from “cat dishes”. And ate goldfish from “Cat dishes”. And chased yarn with their paws. And had a meowing contest. And they loved it. HA! What 4 year old little girl doesn’t like to act like a cat. 🙂

And then they had cake. That was it.

Fun and simple and it made her happy.

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