7 People 12 Times – February

I’m trying to take a picture of our family every month this year. Here is February’s. All of us at the church on holiday monday for the Family Olympics that I planned.

Highlights and Lowlights of February:

  • Valentine’s Day with the kids: lots of easy & cute Valentine’s this year
  • Taking pictures of my friend Kinsey’s new baby girl
  • Lucy’s first cello duet (just a practice – but still!)
  • Family Winter olympics
  • Lots of sick kids
  • Basketball camp on Fridays for Eli and Saturdays for Alden
  • Eli getting to help the garbage man
  • Lots and lots of on call for dad
  • Hosting a ladies lunch at my house


7 People 12 Times – January

Last year I started a project where I take a family picture of us once a month. Well it all fell apart around June. 🙂 So I’m trying again this year. Here is January’s:

Highlights & Lowlights of January:

  • Hosting Ukrainian Christmas: Letting the oldest three come for the first time
  • Norah turned one years old
  • Dinner club themed “Soup” at the Edward’s house
  • Dad gone to Banff for 4 days for a conference
  • Going to Waterton sledding on New Years Day
  • Mom going to the Antique sale with Grandpa Davis
  • Getting back to the routine after the Christmas holidays
  • Games night at our house
  • Dad taking the big kids to the movie Frozen
  • A Saturday Date with mom and Lucy


Seven People Twelve Times April


I am doing a project where each month I capture our family doing something or being somewhere together. You can see my past months here. This is April:


Highlights & Lowlights of April:

  • Dinner club at the Metz house with the theme “healthy”
  • Date night at the Keg
  • Soccer trying to start
  • Huge blizzard at end of month
  • Lucy’s first Orthodontist appointment
  • Waterton family trip
  • Eli & Alden having a sleep over with cousins in Hill Spring
  • General Conference
  • Mom attending Time Out for Women in Lethbridge
  • G & G Steed coming home from vacation
  • Brooke & her kids coming down for a visit
  • Seeing Kim Corie on her visit down from Edmonton
  • Alden doing Football camp
  • Space Day at Preschool for Eli with Mom and Norah
  • Mom teaching a photography class in Lethbridge
  • Having the Chutes come down a give a presentation on home building

Seven People Twelve Times March

I am doing a project where each month I capture our family doing something or being somewhere together. You can see my past months here. This is March. All of us at the Raymond Public Library. We are big users of the library. And I like to think supporters (I tell myself my late fees help the library buy books to make myself feel better about it…..) Norah is kind of hiding in this shot, but here we all are.

Highlights & Lowlights of March:

  • Hosting a girls night at my house and attending a different one in Lethbridge
  • Dad & the kids taking a day trip to Waterton
  • A couple Date nights for mom and dad
  • A huge blizzard
  • Quite a few visits out to Hillspring
  • Visiting with Jenn & the boys down from Edmonton
  • Dad being able to run outside and not freeze
  • Parent Teacher interviews (aka student led conferences)
  • Shoe shopping with just Alden and Mom and Norah
  • Attending the Marvin Goldstein concert
  • Dad taking Alden and Lucy to see the play Big River
  • Norah’s baby blessing & a family dinner after
  • Going to dinner at the Bly’s in Lethbridge
  • Great to be 8 for Lucy
  • Eli trying to “back the van” out of the garage to get his bike out
  • 2 months old for Norah and 18 months for Oliver
  • Mom ripping off her toenail
  • Getting a package from Aunt Ilo & Uncle Wayne for Norah
  • Costco trip with Lindsay & Sage & Eli’s hearing test
  • Coloring eggs & rolling then with the Bevans family




Seven People Twelve Times February

Last month I showed you a little project I am doing for my family where I take a picture of us all every month. This is last months. And here is this months. My LCD monitor on my camera isn’t working… so I had no idea if we were all looking or if for instance my 10 year old was making a silly face…. and after two shots Eli wouldn’t participate anymore. So this is the best we got. I’ll take it! All of us at Dad’s office weighing Norah for her 1 month.


Highlights from February: (And lowlights…)

  • Alden’s grade 4 play
  • Celebrating Valentine’s Day
  • Great Grandma’s 90th birthday party
  • Making perogis with grandma and great grandma
  • Working on Project Life for last year (almost done!)
  • All the food others have brought to us!
  • Dad working 9 straight days with 6 of them on call
  • Celebrating Family Day
  • Seeing Susie and Ryan and the girls
  • Playdates with James for Eli
  • A traumatic trip to the store for mom and the three littles
  • Surviving my First Sunday with 5 kids and Dad on call
  • A few warm days where the kids could play outside
  • Surviving Oliver and Eli both getting sick – twice
  • Older three kids and Dad doing the Chilly Willy Run
  • A week off school for the kids
  • Lucy starting reading the Chronicles of Narnia
  • Norah reaching 1 month

Seven People Twelve Times in 2013

My friend Heather has done a project I am going to do this year. Every month I’m going to take a picture of our whole family. Hopefully some of them will be doing things that our family will do together. Not all of us just lined up on the couch. But this month, since Norah is new and small, lined up on the couch was just right. (And MAN my kids were being stinkers….. well Lucy was a stinker and Eli was mostly sleeping!!) I am going to try and post them on the last day of the month. Or at least close too the last day.


Highlights from January:

  • Norah’s birth 🙂
  • Dad taking a week off to be at home after Norah’s birth
  • getting the bedrooms all ready for Norah’s arrival
  • Visiting with family and friends
  • Celebrating Ukrainian Christmas at Brad and Whitney’s
  • Hanging out at Grandma and Grandpa Davis’
  • Having Grandma Davis come and sleep over at our house
  • Surviving the flu (went through almost the entire family)
  • Sledding with Steed cousins
  • Alden reading the book and then getting to watch Harry Potter 2
  • Eli and Lucy having a sleep over in HillSpring
  • Celebrating Grandpa Steed’s birthday
  • Visiting Grandma Steed at the hospital
  • Lots of playing outside in all the snow
  • Nichole coming over and taking some pictures of us all
  • The kids seeing Norah for the first time