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Living a Life

    Last week when I was out driving with my two littles I saw these lovely lilac bushes. I flippedView full post »

Living a Life

One day I was in the dollar store and I saw these containers of silly string and I thought – yesView full post »

Living a Life

One of the things I committed to myself at the beginning of the year was that I was going to say yes more. I thinkView full post »

Living a Life

This month’s installment of my monthly photo habit with friends is totally late. Cause frankly I forgot! HA!View full post »

Living A life

I’m starting a new photo project this year with photography friends. I love all these ladies photography and soView full post »

5 on the 5th – December

It’s the 5th of December so I’m linking up with some photog buddies. (totally late but shhhh I’m justView full post »

5 on the 5th – Nov

It’s the 5th again. So I’m sharing 5 photos (and maybe one more) and linking up with some photog buddies.View full post »

5 on the 5th: October

It’s the 5th and that means 5 pictures and a photo link up with friends. So here are my 5. Oliver and his cousinView full post »

5th on the 5th: September

It’s the 5th again and that means a link up with my other photo friends. Sometimes Oliver and Norah can beView full post »

5 on the 5th

For this month’s photo link up I wanted to share some photos from a recent trip to one of our favorite places,View full post »

5 on the 7th

So I went away the end of last week and promptly forgot it was the 5th! And on the 5th is when I do a monthly link upView full post »

5 on the 5th

I’m up again with a 5th on the 5th.  We went to Waterton on Monday right after school. And wouldn’t youView full post »

5 on the 5th

I’m back at it again this month with my circle of friends doing a photography share of 5 photos. (Here was myView full post »

5 on the 5th

I love photography projects. I think they are helpful in keeping things fun and fresh and helping me to keep improvingView full post »

Linked 2013: Me

This is me.I am 35. And happily married. I am a mother to 5 kids. And I am suffering from post pardum. I feel a bitView full post »