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Weekly Favourite

Thought i’d start sharing a favourite picture i take of my kids each week. Norah in the afternoon light in myView full post »

Norah at 3.5

I love capturing my own kids the most. And some times I just don’t get around to it. I found this cutest dressView full post »

Errol at 9 Months

This sweet boy had no interest in me at all! We tried the first time to capture him and he ended up needing a nap, soView full post »

As we are, With You: 06-16

Today is Eli’s birthday. And since I wanted to share my Self portrait monthly project, I’m combining theView full post »

Welcome to the world Baby Everly

This sweet little thing joined a great family!! Momma has the best style and her kids are some of the best dressed kidsView full post »

Welcome to the World Baby Mark

I love coming into a families home to capture kids how they are. Their giggles and their bed head and their realView full post »

Lucy at 10

This is my lovely Lucy at 10. None of my other kids love to have their picture taken, but she does. So for part of herView full post »

Paper Bag Princess

I had wanted Lucy to be the paper bag princess for a few years. And finally this year she was game. And I didn’tView full post »

Lucy at 9

I’m grateful for Lucy. She is such a great daughter. And I love that she loves to let me take herView full post »

Year One: Day One

My friend Tracy does this thing with her kids where she documents their birthday of them. So I tried it with Norah thisView full post »

Alli turned 8

This lovely girl is my niece. She turns 8 tomorrow. Alli and my Lucy are both getting baptized this Saturday. So weView full post »

Lucy at 8

This silly spunky girl turned 8 on Friday. Which means she is getting baptized this upcoming weekend. So we got her aView full post »

2 Years Old (Oliver)

Dear Oliver, It’s hard to imagine you are two. Seems like just yesterday we were the baby we were bringing home.View full post »

When I grow up: Lucy

This is Lucy. She is 6 years old. Technically she is six and a half. She is my daughter. When Lucy grows up she wantsView full post »


Another one of my photo projects I am doing with my own family is called Our Year in Photos and I am doing it on myView full post »