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S’More Roll

Last week I shared a tasty treat over on Lolly Jane. And I was pretty excited after I came up with it…. andView full post »

Canada War Cake

Since yesterday was Remembrance Day, I am sharing a cake with history today. It’s an old recipe that comes fromView full post »

Moxie’s Style White Chocolate Brownie

I’ve had this recipe for a few years and it’s always a favorite. I got this recipe from my friendView full post »

Sour Cream Chocolate Bundt Cake

Today I’m sharing a great cake that comes from my lovely grandma. I’ve shared a few recipes from her andView full post »

Apple Fritters

One thing that totally gets me thinking of fall is Apples! And baking. So apples PLUS baking? Totally FALL! These tastyView full post »

Butterscotch Poke Cake

This post first appeared on Lolly Jane where I contribute a once a monthView full post »

Red, White and Blue Cheesecake Tart

I love fresh fruit season!! And I love dessert. So fresh fruit IN dessert?! Heavenly!! We had a clinic lake party. AndView full post »

Chocolate Cupcakes

I was thinking the other day about the basics in the kitchen. And the kinds of recipes I’d want Lucy (and my boysView full post »

Mini S’more Trifles

I think S’mores are lovely. Really, really lovely. Really they are one of my favorite things about summer. I wasView full post »

Mini Cherry and Almond Galettes

This post was originally shared over on Simple AsView full post »

101+ Birthday Gift Ideas for your Friends: Crispy Crunch Pie

I’m excited to share today 101+ Birthday Gift Ideas for your Friends, including my Crispy Crunch Pie. I amView full post »

Mini Lemon Cheesecakes with fresh Strawberries

I was trying to think of a dessert that was Canadian to share this week with Canada Day coming up. So my mind went toView full post »

Easy White Cake

There are lots of basic recipes that I think are handy to have on hand. And one is an easy and quick white cake. MaybeView full post »

Mini Galettes

Yesterday I posted over on Simple As That  an easy summer dessert recipe. Today I just wanted to share some otherView full post »

Katey’s “Fried” Ice Cream

I love getting together with other women, especially when we have food!  That makes it even better! I’m in aView full post »