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Roasted Squash Soup

It seems its been a few weeks since I shared any recipes. I’ve still been cooking, just not takingView full post »

Build your own Chili Chart

This post first appeared on LollyJane where I contribute recipes once aView full post »

Relearning how to make French Toast

A few months ago the cable company called and asked if we wanted to try out cable and a PVR for 6 months for free. IView full post »

Thai One On

from Eat Shrink and Be Merry2 tsp butter or olive oil1 cup each chopped onions and chopped red bell pepper3/4 cupView full post »

Soup Nazi?

I love soup!! But my kids do not. Eli is the only one who has ever even tried one. (He LOVES chicken noodle soup. NotView full post »

Gourdian Angel (Pumpkin Soup)

I made this last week and LOVED it. I promise it is tasty! Just give it a try!!! It makes a nice light lunch pairedView full post »

Silly Greek Chili

I’ve had a few people ask me for this recipe….. It is from the great cookbook Eat, Shrink and Be Merry.View full post »