10 on Tuesday

1. I’ve been blogging now for almost 12 years. It’s strange to say its been that long but I started on my other site and then graduated to this one eventually. I have been asked lots of times about blogging, why I do it, how I find the time, etc. It has changed a lot. In the beginning we lived in Nova Scotia and I shared a lot about Alden and scrapbooking. So I guess somethings are the same – still my kids and memory keeping. Comments are WAY less than they used to be but i have more readers than back then (WAY more readers!)  I still feel driven to blog. I like doing it. Some days I don’t have the time lately. My kids are getting older and I am doing other things (like a lot of driving here and there)! I am naturally a creator and sharer and I know I’ll keep doing it. Over January I’ll be thinking about it and how I feel about it and what I want for my blog. Goals for this space and what I want to share. More goodness into the world.

Banff at Sunrise | Just Rhonda

2. Speaking of sharing, I want to share my December Daily album. Hopefully I get it finished next week so I can share it! HA!

December Daily 2015| Just Rhonda

3. I started a 365 this year. As in Im trying to take a picture a day all year. Today i almost missed it but I snuck one in. And I guess technically it’ll be a 366.

4. I hoping we go on more family adventures this year. As always of course we’ll go to Waterton lots! But Alberta is a beautiful place and perhaps we’ll explore more of it and BC. Places we can drive too.

Douglas Fir Banff | Just Rhonda

5. My kids are at an age where you’d think we’d sleep at night. But we don’t someone is always up. Last night it was Norah – for almost 2 hours. And I couldn’t get back to sleep after I finally got her back to bed. I had a hard time accomplishing all I wanted to do today because I was so tired. I really just want them to stay asleep ALL night long.

6. My year long position on the Project Life Creative Team is up and I am so sad it’s done. I LOVED doing it. And I especially loved all the ladies I got to know. I’ll still be doing PL because I love it. 🙂

2015 Project Life Album | Just Rhonda

7. My friend Katey shared this quote the other day on FB and i love love love it. I’ve reread it a couple of times because it really speaks to me:

8. I got to do a commercial shoot a week or so ago. And I LOVED that. It was awesome. And it was in Waterton so that makes it even better!

9. My stomach muscles are so sore and I can’t figure out if its from the yoga I did yesterday or the really bad cough i have. 😉

10. I joined a group on FB called Self Portraits of Motherhood. And I am in for it. I love the group and I am going to be taking more pictures with me in them this year. That is on my list too.

10 on Tuesday

  1. I voted last night. I will be glad to not have my whole FB feed filled with political opinions. I am thankful to live in a country where I can vote.
  2. Oliver has been sick for the last two days and he just wants me to sit and hold him. Even all night. And that is adding up to sleepiness for both of us and not a lot of stuff getting done. But it is a really important thing to do. Norah is perhaps watching a lot of netflix while I sit with Oliver. And that is okay too.
  3. Ive been a little slow to fall into my blogging routine since we got home from France. I am trying to feel out how much I want to do – as in how often. I know that blogs are become less read and I get way less actual interaction from readers than I used too. (except my friend Kristin who is the ultimate blog commenter!) But I still have a lot of readers every day. I’m feeling it out and thinking about it all. Seeing how much time I have for it and how much energy I want to allot to it. If you have any opinions I’d love to hear them. Sunset Raymond | Just Rhonda
  4. I am on my last week of my photography class. I have learned a few things about teaching a few weeks of class. I hope the ladies are going to walk away feeling comfortable with shooting in manual and how they can use their camera to take pictures they WANT to take.
  5. I got hired to do some sports photography of the local high school football team of the 7 senior boys that will be graduating this year. And it was totally fun. Not something I have ever done before but it was fun to try it out. And it made me think that it’d be fun to rent a HUGE zoom lens just to see what I could get with it.
  6. I have been listening to a podcast by my friend Brooke and i really really loved the recent one about friendship. It made me think a lot about friendship and how we need to cultivate them. If we are lonely we need to do something about it. Don’t sit at home and wait for someone to call us, call someone else. If there are times when I feel lonely or need others then I will usually plan a party or invite someone over or text a friend or drop off flowers to someone. It means a lot to me that someone would think of me and let me know about it and I assume that it means the same to others. One thing my mom ALWAYS told me as I was growing up was that I can’t change others and that I need to do for others what i wish someone was doing for me.
  7. I am nearing the end of my year being on the Project Life Creative team with Becky and I wish it could keep going. But that’s not how it works. I am grateful that I’ve gotten to do something that I love so much. I want to find something else to participate in but I haven’t found the right fit yet. We’ll see how it all works out.
  8. It was recently Lucy’s 10th birthday and Alden’s 13th birthday. My kids are getting so old! And it’s exciting. I have a  teenager and that is overwhelming and I am facing it with much trepidation.Birthday | Just Rhonda
  9. Im reading the book about being an introvert. Im not really one, but I have some in my family and my SIL suggested for me to read it and I too her advice. It’s really interesting so far and I see how much it describes Alden and Regan. And how much people misunderstand what being an introvert is. It is NOT being shy or quiet. You can be a shy extrovert. I had no idea. It’s been interesting.
  10. Along with feeling out my blogging Im doing the same thing with my Instagram. I have two accounts. One for everyday (justrhondalee) and one for travel and landscapes (justrhondaleetravels). I internally debate constantly about how much and what to share and yada yada. trying to find the right fit again for me. And I think it will be something I will constantly be going over as my life changes and my kids grow.

Justrhondaleetravels on IG | Just Rhonda

Just Rhonda on Instagram | Just Rhonda













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10 on Tuesday

Look up | Just Rhonda

1. I have been too busy this month. Too many things on my plate and this week especially is a little nutty. I have gotten better at saying no to somethings a lot better. But part of the problem is that I have a wide array of interests. Lots of things I think are fun and exciting and interesting. Like sometimes I feel like the puppy in Up. That is constantly being distracted by birds. Add that to the idea that I like sharing. I think I have a creative mind and I get caught up on things or ideas or other stuff that is just weird that I’m thinking about and I am totally a dreamer. And then I get strong feelings of self doubt. I really liked what Brook White said on an instagram post here. This is part of what she says: ” You know, that insecure ugly feeling in your gut? That tells you you’re not good enough, that you’re replaceable, that you can’t keep up. That raging voice of self doubt egging you on to compare yourself to others. To compete. That voice that reminds you of all the times that you were told that you just weren’t that good. That you’re too much or too little. Yeah that. All day. I struggled to be a parent. To be present. To smile. Actually it started a few days ago. Feeling on edge. Feeling sad. I’ve tried to pin point it but im not sure I can. But maybe. Lack of sleep, likely. hormones, Probably partly. But really I’ve had this struggle most my life. I just feel too much and it exhausting. I work really hard against it…. I think it just comes with the territory of being a overly sensitive overly feeling person. It comes with being an artist. It just comes with being a human. Lots of Humility. This all might fall into the category of over sharing, sorry. I promise I’m not looking for reassurance cause I’ve gone through this long enough to know all the approval in the world won’t make it better, actually it can make it worse. It’s an inside job & one that can usually only be fixed at a spiritual level. but I say it because my goal is to tell the truth in life. ” I used to be way more overly sensitive but it’s something I’ve tried VERY hard to change. I’m saying all this to say that I struggle with balance. I’ve ALWAYS struggled with balance. Really in most areas in my life. (Including the bag of treats that I bought from Costco that I just can’t stop eating! ;)) And so I find it especially funny when people ask me how I “get it all done”. I’m not really a consistent at most things. (except picture taking of my family – but even that goes through lulls and peeks and maybe blogging.) My exercise, my scripture study, my laundry (oh shoot we have no clean clothes I must spend all day because no one has clean underwear), my paid photo shoots, temple attendance, bread baking, playing with my kids, really most things. I’m a bit more a feast and famine. And I’m constantly striving for consistency and then I get sidetracked by an idea I can’t get rid of. It’s good my good husband is patient with me and doesn’t get too annoyed when I’m stressed out. 

2. I want to buy this Weaving kit so bad I can hardly stand it. Maybe Regan will buy it for me for my birthday?! 😉 And I’d need the tool set too. My mom did weaving and rugs and stuff when I was a kid and she has a HUGE loom now, but I’d love a small one. Especially to use when we drive places (and Im not driving) I like to do things with my hands. And this seems like it’d be the perfect thing. And really I’ve been wanting to try weaving for a while. (See #1 – another thing I am interested in… hahahaha)

3. I think one of the things about being too busy is that it is harder to live a life that follows the promptings of the Holy Ghost. I cannot hear what God wants me to do if I am always running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

0b52e731e21f3e061a179511004adb0d4. Summer is just buzzing by. And I have so many things Ive been meaning to get too. And Im hoping to do a lot more of them this month of August with my kids. Less things on my schedule and more time playing.

5. The kids did do Swimming and tennis right at the beginning of the summer. I love having it done at the beginning.

6. Regan’s birthday is this weekend.

7. I really really love that I can go out into my garden and pick stuff. It’s REALLY awesome. And I love this shot Regan took. He was totally using leading lines and he didn’t even know it.

Gardening | Just Rhonda

8. Speaking of lots of things that keep my attention, in the fall Im teaching a photography class. And part of me wonders if no one will sign up. hahahaha But then I guess it’s just off my plate if no one does 😉

9. Im feeling the scrapping mood again.

10. I love having people into my home. I had a group of photographer friends over the other night. We ate and talked and laughed and stayed up until 1am. And the next morning I was bleary eyed and exhausted and it was SO WORTH it. I love hosting. Love love it. And one day when we build a house I want my home to be built to entertain people! And then I’ll have a big house warming party for myself. 😉

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10 on Tuesday

1. It’s been a while since I did one of these and I KNOW you’ve all been dying for another one…. hahahaha

2. I lost my wallet yesterday and Im not even that annoyed about the money. They can have the $10 and the $25 American. It’s all the other things that are SO Annoying to replace. Alberta health care cards, my drivers, the air miles card, the fast Gas card, the two gift cards I had,  And a few things I can’t replace….the note that Regan wrote me over a year ago that I kept in there, the copy of an obituary on the 1st year anniversary of Kelly’s death, the photo booth pictures I had of me and a good friend Ros. Those things I’d love back. Boo to that happening!

3. I am going to Martin’s cove this weekend with the youth in our Stake. I get to go and take pictures. I’m running around to get everything together (hence me losing my wallet). I got asked last minute and I am glad it works out with Regan’s schedule and for my in-laws for watching the kids for a morning so I can go. I love to take pictures of things especially events!! Fun!

4. I am coaching Lucy’s softball team this year. And that is fun! It’s crazy with my two littles. But it’s such a short season that we’ll make it work! I haven’t taken one picture there yet, but I will tomorrow!

5. Speaking of pictures, I’ve been a little bit busier with other people’s pictures and that means my own have fallen by the wayside a bit. I did get that personal project I did for mother’s day done. These two are my favorites that I took.

What motherhood looks like | Just Rhonda loss

6. Im itching to go to waterton again. Gotta get out into the mountains!

7. When mother’s day was approaching I noticed that I don’t have a recent picture of me and my mom. I’m going to fix that shortly.

8. I’m having a Project Life get together this week. And if you live close and want to come, let me know and I’d be happy to have you over! I’ll even feed you treats!

9. It seems with 5 kids I get in spurts of taking picture of certain kids more than others. But my youngest are always in them. It’s more the older kids I rotate between. Eli hates having his picture taken and Alden and Lucy are just busy and out of the house more so that leaves the littles. Im going to try and be more conscious of taking more of the older ones too this week.

at the parkeverydaythey call me mom

10. Today I am participating in Ali Edwards’ day in the life. Where you take pictures of your day (kind of like my 15 on the 15th that I do each month.) But I’ll be on the trip this Friday so I wanted to do another day too. Join in!

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10 on Tuesday

1. Oh my the weather!!! YIPEE!!!!!! Love it!

Alberta  skies

2. Have I mentioned that I hate potty training? Oliver was doing so good and then he got a stomach bug and wowie we had to go back to diapers. And then he didn’t care to get back to it. I gave up. And then this morning he told me he wanted underwear and has been going all day without any accidents. We’ll see how it all works out.

Potty training
3. I haven’t shot a wedding a a while! And I think it’d be fun to do it again. I just am getting to old! I don’t know anyone getting married anymore! HA!

4. i love the light that comes into my kitchen this time of year! And I love it when my kids will sit in it and let me take their picture!

lovely light

5. My oldest has to get glasses. Eli was trying to trick the eye doctor into giving them to him too. He was just saying random letters and not even trying to read them. And I called him on it. And he said “what? I want glasses.” I told him I knew and that it’d be better if he didn’t have them since he can’t even keep track of his shoes never mind expensive glasses. “You can just replace them when I lose them.” Nice try buddy. And note to self, stop replacing things he loses!

6. I want to plan a big gala party for real. I’m going to take over a ladies breast cancer lunch that was a yearly thing here in Raymond this year. And I am already excited about the whole idea 😉 I’d love to plan a Stake activity! Right now I am working on planning (as in making plans) my family reunion this summer. We are having a Hawaiian Luau with a fire roasted pig, a candy drop from an airplane and survivor family activities. Should be lots of fun!!

7. This picture is soooo real life. Oliver and Eli are wrestling. Lucy is playing with Norah (their current favorite is to do face plants on my bed). Alden is MIA. Us right now.

typical 5 pm at our house

8. I am grateful for the guy I married. We really go together wonderfully and I know that a lot of marriages don’t have it as easy as we do. And I am grateful.

9. My three youngest kids are really into imaginative play and lately someone is ALWAYS Santa. It’s so funny. They are stuck on that idea and come up with different scenarios involving the man in red. Cracks me up.

10. I am in the middle of 3 really great books lately and I want to read them more but I’ve got other stuff on the go too so I’m having to choose between things on how to spend my “fringe hours” and what I can accomplish.

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10 on Tuesday

1. I already shared this lovely post from the well written Ali Edwards on Facebook, but I wanted to share it again. It speaks such a lovely sentiment about trying new things. It’s something that I see the older I get. Somewhere along the way we forget the fun it is to try new things. It’s funny that we push our kids to try new things and meet new people and all that but then we are afraid of that ourselves. There is a lot of joy to be found in discovery. What do YOU want to try that you haven’t ever or return to after years away from it?

2. Valentine’s Day is coming up and I am having a little V-Day party for my two littles. It’s something that I used to do with my older kids and then I got too busy stopped doing it. It was kind of a yearly tradition for me. Well this year I’m doing it again. I’m returning to it.

3. My friend Tracy just put up some really cute Project Life printables. Go check them out here.

4. Speaking about Valentine’s Day I’ve got a quite a few pins on my V-Day board!

5. One of the blogs lately that I’m really loving is the Be Crafty blog. Amanda’s blog has really, really cute stuff and inspiring cute things.

6. Another blog that I love a lot (and have for a while) is Dear Lizzy. She shares a super cute mini album today!

7. The current show I’m loving on Netflix is Alphas.  Check it out.

8. I’ve been looking at a lot of planners lately. When I was a kid my mom used a Franklin planner. She used that thing like it was her arm. Or more accurately it was her brain. 😉 I’ve been reading the lovely Christy Tomlinson’s blog for a while and she is a planner lover. She has a cute post today of her February planner pages. Go look! Totally cute!

9. The other day I was thinking about eventful having kids can be. Within like 15 minutes there was puke in the carpet, someone colored on the floor, all the bookcase dumped out and then they were painting each other. Real life.


10. I am TOTALLY feeling a photo slump with my 365 and it’s only February. HA!

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10 on Tuesday

1. I think January and February are hard months in Canada. The coldness gets old and the inability to go outside easily. Yes, it is supposed to warm up this week. But this year, I’m feeling a bit done with winter and we still have a few months of it! I’d better do something fun outside to enjoy winter soon!

2. I put two of my kids in learn to skate. We are a non skating family. *GASP* Can I still call myself a Canadian? 😉 Regan actually took skating a lot when he was a kid and is good. Me on the other hand…. not so much. And I just have never bothered to get them in lessons or take them out. Well now, Lucy and Eli are in it . And it’s fine. But Eli lost the helmet. And you have to have it to skate. And we only own two helmets and two pairs of skates. So when they fit you, you can skate. But now he has it and we have one less helmet. Kinda annoying.

3. I kinda hate it when I try and exercise and the whole time Norah is bawling beside the treadmill. Like this mornings. She was trying to climb onto it while it was going so it ended up shortening my run. Some days she is just fine and her and Oliver just play. Today was not that day.

4. We celebrated Ukrainian Christmas last weekend.

RLS_7058RLS_7062 5. Regan decided that since we do this every year. he needs to be more invested in it. So he researched it online and made the cabbage rolls all by himself. I was trying to give him tips and he stopped and said “Rhonda, at the hospital they trust me with a scalpel.” 😉 So I left him alone and he did a great job.


6. I want to plan a big gala. I have no idea what for. But I think it’d be really, really fun. Maybe a fundraiser or a town event or a big church thing. Really I guess I just like planning parties 😉

7. Speaking of parties, Norah turns 2 in just over a week. Which seems CRAZY. My mind is thinking of cute things to do for her family get together.

8. And I think I want to get her a doll. I saw one once that I want to get her. I just have to figure out where to get it from! HA!

9. My husband is a really good dad.


10. Oliver has a really really great smile.


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10 on Tuesday

1. I think it is ridiculous when a clothing site (or store) says that size 0-2 is a Medium. What’s a small then? Kids? Sooooooo dumb. Especially when the majority of the people are not 0-2 (just those tiny little lucky ones ;)) I am almost 6 feet tall and I will never be that small – it’s impossible. But still for anyone! It’s just crazy.

2. I am glad it is kind of warmer as of late. Kinda nice. I’ll welcome warmer weather… pretty much any time!

3. Christmas is fast approaching and I am pretty much done my shopping. Close to being done and I love that. It makes it easier to make christmas memories without worrying about getting that done.


4. I dunno what the deal is, but now over on Pinterest I have over 200,000 followers. It kind makes me laugh. I only have 650 people who “like” my blog on Facebook. And about 4500-5000 visits to my blog each month. And 0-2 comments a post. (Yesterday about the games was a BIG commenting post at 4. hahahahaha.) Social media is funny.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 9.32.16 AM

5. My kids totally got into helping me with the Christmas cards last night. It was great to have their help and it totally made me realize that my kids are getting big enough to do things like that and it actually helps. (well some of them are anyways.)

6. Speaking of Pinterest. Some of my favorite pins of late: This CUTEST Joy from the always fabulous eighteen25 girls.  (totally making it!) Yep, trying these tasty looking treats for an after school snack one day. Another fun christmas activity to try out with the kids. I want a whole bunch of wooden plate chargers. But I want my dad to cut them for me. I don’t want to pay for circles of wood.

7. And on that note, I’d love to plan someones wedding. Seriously. It’d be  soooo fun. If I had a job lately, I think being a party planner/ wedding planner would be AWESOME. Like I’d love it so much. Too bad I don’t really know anyone getting married anymore. Makes it hard to help someone. 🙂

8. I love having bakery boxes around the house. Then when I make treats and want to deliver them (which seems to happen a lot) then I have something that works great. I found a GREAT site that I could buy some on. I had to buy a HUGE case of them but I’m pretty sure I’ll use them eventually. And buying them bulk that way made it so they were like 0.60 a piece. Way better!

9 . I REALLY wanted to go and chop down a Christmas tree. But it didn’t work out. And I’m just trying to get it over it. We live in Canada. Near trees. It should be something that we DO. And what a memory making thing for the kids. And photo opportunity. Really it has the potential to be totally awesome or a complete disaster. 😉

10. I made a whole bunch of empanadas on the weekend. And made way to much filling for them. So now I am making a whole bunch more for my freezer. Yum!

10 on Tuesday

1. I am so grateful to live in a free country. And the older I get the more emotional I get about it. I was thinking about that as we watched the services on CBC as a family. I really am so thankful for all of the people who gave the lives for us. So thankful for those who still sacrifice for us. I hope my children grow up knowing how important it is and that they are grateful too.


2. I am baking three different things today for 3 different blog posts. Two on here and one for a guest post. I might have to share some with others since Regan is on a healthy eating kick. 🙂

3. With the big snowstorm that came, BAM I feel like hello Christmas! It normally hits me about the end of the month (after my birthday) but this year, I’m doing things ahead so that I can enjoy the whole month of December. Planning ahead. At least as much as I can.

4. Speaking of getting ready for Christmas, I’ve been pinning a whole pile of Christmas stuff over on Pinterest. I’m seriously excited this year 🙂

5. Regan and I are all of a sudden doing a last minute little trip to Arizona. Like flying in on a Wednesday and coming home on Saturday. We got the flight with our points and we are staying in my inlaws place there. So the whole trip is costing us a whole lotta nothing! Which is awesome!!! Now I’m making a list of yummy places to eat there! (If you know any let me know!)

6. I love this that I found in Pinterest and it’s sentiment.


7. I have been so good lately about exercise. And it makes me happy. Am I feeling in shape? Not really, but I am sticking to it anyways!

8.  I was thinking of making a post about local (as in Albertans) that you can buy christmas presents from. Like shop local kind of idea. I just don’t know if people are interested in that!

9. I’ve heard lately from a few people (through the grapevine) that most people really love to see recipes…. do you agree? I’d love to hear what you’d love to see more of.

10. And doesn’t THIS make you excited for Christmas??? It does ME!! (All of this is from my Pinterest Christmas board!!!)


Just Rhonda

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10 on Thursday

1. I was reading this article the other day about bloggers and how they fall out of love with blogging because it changes from something they love into a business. It made me think about blogging and why and when I do it. Yesterday I was running on a very short amount of sleep. The few days previous had been plagued with exhaustion and I was just a bit of a zombie. Blogging is something that I find fun and enjoyable and I try to be fairly consistent. But if other things come up before it and I don’t get to it, that’s OK. I’m telling this to you as much as to me. 😉 I’ve been choosing to take a nap instead of blogging during nap time. 5 am is a killer!

2. We celebrated my dad turning 65. Almost the whole family got together. And Sean was there so I played aground with some of his lenses. (fun!) RLS_0265RLS_0270

3. Me and the two littles are slowly adjusting to the only kids at home during the day. It’s so much easier to go anywhere with one less kid. We’ve been especially been enjoying the fantastic fall we’ve been having!


4. I hope to share Oliver and Eli’s completed room next week. It just needs a few last details and then it feels “done” to me.


5. Speaking of fall, hasn’t it been awesome?! I love fall especially when it’s like this!


7. I’ve been feeling frustrated with the amount of things I can get done in a day. I know it’s not about my list. But I still have one and I have to remind myself about the little people and how they are the reason for everything.


8. We went to Waterton in the middle of the week and it was AWESOME. Really, I always love waterton! I’m hoping to go again this weekend!!


9. We are getting new flooring in our upstairs this next week and I AM SO EXCITED about it!!!! It’ll be linoleum that looks like hardwood! Fantastic. Love love love it.

10. Did you know that I have over 2500 people read my blog every month?! Crazy right? Especially when I get an average of 3 comments. Most time not even that! Let me know you’re here every now and then!

Just Rhonda

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10 on Tuesday

1. Mother’s Day came and went. Regan took all the kids into Lethbridge the night before to buy me a present and I was left at home by myself. I worked on my project life album and watched a cheesy movie. It was awesome. They got me a Panini Press which I’m excited to try out!!  These kids of mine keep me running ragged but I love them so much. I am SO grateful I have them. I was thinking last night as I was going to be about the lessons I have learned from my kids. Lessons about kindness and testimony, about love and sacrifice. So many lessons and my oldest is only 11. I know there are more to come! I am grateful for each one of them.


2. Last week my friend Jenn came over and we tried out making empanadas. It was awesome. We’ve been talking about doing it for FOREVER. I love cooking with someone who does it by taste like me. It’s lovely. And we both fed them to our families for supper that night and I put some in my freezer too. This was the beef filling Jenn made up from remembering one she had tasted at a farmers market. 🙂 It was gooood.


3. Finally Norah has a tooth that has broken through. It’s not through enough to say she has a tooth, but there is finally something! She is almost 16 months old and she just got her first tooth. Part of us was a tad worried but mostly we were just amazed! Now it looks like she is cutting all four in the front at once. She’s been pretty cranky and having a lot of medicine to help with the pain. It’ll be strange to have this toothless grin gone!RLS_7430

4.  Caught these two hanging out on the couch “reading” books together. Pretty adorable!


5. I was reminded again this week how grateful I am for good friends.

6. When I downloaded my last pictures I found a few of Eli. Alden followed him around and took pictures of his silliness. Most of them were blurry but this gem wasn’t. Goofs.


7. Alden loves to eat lemons. He loves the strong taste. Norah noticed him eating one and REALLY wanted a taste. She just kept on eating it too. She loves citrus and apparently the zany taste of lemon didn’t bother her either. Funny girl!

RLS_79998. My friend Christal and I threw a baby shower for my SIL Whitney for baby Olivia who was born almost a month ago now.  It was a fun evening (where I stayed up waaaay to late… especially when Norah got up at 530 the next morning!)

9. I’m just finishing this book and I have really enjoyed it. It is right up my alley! will-write-for-food


10. I think spring has finally come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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10 on Tuesday

First up, go over to Lolly Jane where I’m a new monthly food contributor. It’s my first recipe I’ve shared there. The perfect soup to make with Easter leftovers.

10 Things to Remember from the past week.

1. Eli was so proud to do his own FHE last week. He chose to show us Mormon Messages and then we talked about the lessons in them.

2. The huge snowflakes coming down in the morning. Oliver was amazed. 

3. We went out to enjoy the snow. Well, at least try to.

4. Perfect light and a perfect little subject. She just sat and smiled at me so sweetly. 

5. Norah makes a HUGE mess every time she eats lately. Oliver has noticed…. he was trying to help out.

6. The chocolate mousse explosion that happened all over the kitchen and living room. Terrible picture of me… but look how much mousse and liquid is all over me! Alden was the smart one who got the camera out and took pictures. 

7. Oliver helping Norah with her soothers. He would pull them out and switch to the next one. Then do it again and again. Norah never got mad at all.

8. This is her one of her new expressions. She is getting really expressive in her face and it is really funny.

9. Oliver wanted to walk with Lucy and I when I took her out to take pictures. He was loving it all.10. Lucy playing “I am a Child of God” in Sacrament Meeting while I played the piano. She was so proud and I was so proud of her. It is really motivating to her to be able to perform.

10 on Tuesday

1.  Taking pictures for the Ensign of Conference. I’m not sure if I can share any or not. I might later. We’ll see what comes of it! We did enjoy watching it here at home too. (Well not Regan, he was on call!)

2. I could say lots about the school meeting we had in town. But I’ve said enough and been way to involved already. All I’ll add is that my eyes have been opened about a few people and situations. I might not have a masters in education but I do know that treating someone who has less education that you in a belittling and demeaning way is wrong. And rude. And unkind. I don’t need a masters in anything to know that. That and it is interesting how many people can completely misunderstand something that is supposed to be good intentioned.

3. I Thought this was hilarious. Alden was taking a picture and he caught this…. this is VERY real life around here!

4. I love the little moments of laughter of the kids. It’s sweet and heart filling.

5. Loved spending the afternoon with Sus and her kids. We just took the kids out of school and we all went up (It was Reg’s day off too!)

6. I love it when Regan captures great pictures too. This is from his phone. Great hey?!

7. Oliver loves to get his hair wet and then announces “I’m handsome.” It’s ridiculously cute. For some reason he also thinks that the foaming hand soap in the bathrooms is for his hair…. so a few times I have caught him in the bathroom rubbing it into his hair saying the same thing. 
8. Lucy loves it when she gets to gather with girl cousins. They asked for a big girl picture together.

9. Sometimes she seems so big. But most of the time, she just seems so small still. She sure has realized that she loves cookies and such though. 🙂10. Getting to walk outside yesterday was awesome. We went on two walks! I think I’ll hopefully declare I think spring might have ACTUALLY come.

10 on Tuesday


10 Moments to remember from the past week:

1. Oliver and Norah “reading” together in the tent I made them in the living room.

2.  Alden got invested into the Scout troop. We are going to make sure he gets his Chief Scout award!

3. The happy happy moments of joy this little man has. Seriously the cutest.

4. Norah watching Oliver with awe at his ability to do things (like jumping onto the couch.)

5. Going to the town Trade Show and Eli getting his face painted like the flash.

6. And Lucy getting a blue cat. They both LOVED it!

7. Trying out Lethbridge’s first food truck out here at the trade show. Yep it was tasty!

8. Attending the General Women’s Broadcast with Lucy. Yep, I’m making a funny face…. but the other picture I was talking. hahahah

9. Taking pictures at the conference here in Raymond for the Ensign. (Which was quite nerve wracking for me!)

10. Dinner club. I really really really love it every single month. I should have taken a picture this month, but I didn’t.

10 on Tuesday


1. Watching this girl fly through almost the entire Harry Potter series in one week. She’s got two books left (but she left the one she’s in the middle of at the church after girl guides… so now she’s gotta wait while we get it somehow.)

2. Bath time is always some sort of disaster with these two. The step stool in the water. Entire bottles of shampoo dumped out. Making waves with the water.

3. I really am enjoying her little-ness. All my other babies were so much bigger but she is still a tiny little cute thing. And it is so much easier to carry her around. (Especially since Oliver insists on being held too half the time.)

4. Going to support my wonderful friend Kristin and her son Brody at their yearly Juvenile Diabetes fundraiser. This year they had a dance.

5. Seeing her learn to walk. It is the CUTEST thing ever. My kids laughed and laughed when I showed them this series of pictures.

6. Seeing the kids enjoy the snow even though every adult is losing it.

7. Oliver lasting outside for more than 5 minutes. That’s a really good time outside!

8. Seeing them enjoy the tramp and have fun together. They are often at odds with each other but on Sunday afternoon they played with just each other and had fun.

9. That time when all of my kids actually slept through the night. Amazing. Seriously amazing.

10. Loving that now Lucy gets dressed easily every morning now that she has her cue cards we made. I love them even more now!!!


10 on Tuesday

10 Things to remember from the past week.


1. Regan going to Waterton snowshoeing by himself on his day off last week. I was nervous for him to go all by himself. Lots of snow this year and I just wanted him to be safe. He stay very safe and enjoyed the peace of being outside all alone. He came back rejuvenated and with some cool pictures too.

2. Realizing bedhead is a real thing for this little lady now. Her hair is sooooo soft and fine and now when she wakes up it is everywhere! That means it’s getting long too!

3. Quiet time around the house together.

4. I got Lucy a couple new tops and a scarf that I think are so cute (I’d wear them!). So I helped her put together an outfit (she often won’t let me help her with that anymore) and I thought she looked great. She really wasn’t into getting her picture before she left to school though….

5. Norah learned stairs. Hooray! No more baby gates!!!! (She looks tiny on those long stairs!)

6. His happy moods. And how much he loves superman and batman little people. A LOT!

7.  Her being so close to walking but still not doing it. She’s our latest to walk for sure.

8. A cute boy, a ball and a bunny.

9. Lucy and Aimee doing art in the kitchen. I love how excited kids get about canvas. You can buy them so cheap at the dollar store and with coupons at Michael’s and MAN do kids feel special using them. Love that.

10. Seeing the kids cousin Roman get baptized. Proud of him and happy for their family.

Did you record any memorable things that happened this week?


10 on Tuesday

10 Moments from the past week:

1. Playing in the living room before church on Sunday with this sweet boy.

2. Dad reading stories to Oliver before bed.

3. Alden coming home from school and telling me he needed to make some stuff for his Nunavut Diorama. So he made some dogs with pipe cleaners, pompoms and goggly eyes. And he made a polar bear out of hard marshmallows. 🙂 Love to see his creativity.

4. Getting Eli and Oliver to eat their lunch when they wouldn’t just by putting toothpicks into it.

5. Playing letters with Oliver and how excited he was to find an O.

6. His determination to finish the Harry Potter series. 

7.  Spending my saved money on an upgrade full frame camera.

8. Remembering that the stage of fits will end. And remembering that they aren’t quite as bad Lucy’s used to be. So we can do this.

9. How she is ALWAYS willing to let me take her picture. Even when it’s just that I got a new camera and the light is great.

10. Someone falling asleep in the middle of a 15 minute screaming fit right in the kitchen.

10 Things

My 10 Moments from the past week (Some don’t have pictures and I’m okay with that!)

1. Eli waiting outside for the garbage man to come along and then the garbage man stopping and letting Eli climb in and press the buttons to load the garbage. He was SO excited!! (You know you live in a small town when….) This was him when he got back inside. But it was happening before I knew it and I didn’t have my camera (or even my phone!)

2. Going to the temple with Regan on his day off.

3. How Oliver looooves to call Sage on the phone. Like if he sees a phone he goes crazy for wanting to call her.

4. Lucy asking if she could please do Yoga through the TV.

5. Taking the kids swimming, then stopping to drop Lucy off at a friend’s party and the whole family staying for while, then off to the Library and ending with taking the kids out for dinner.

6. Lucy and Eli playing Mad Scientist with the most recent Kiwi Crate.

7. The kids playing Cards with friends.

8. Movie night with the kids where we watch Despicable Me 2.

9. Playing on the floor in Oliver’s room with him.

10. Family Wii night.

What do you need to write down that happened with your family this week?

10 on Tuesday

10 Things to Remember from this past week:

1. Lucy hanging out in her room, on her bed coloring. She had a bad cough so she had to stay home from school but she wasn’t feeling too bad otherwise. She was a great help to me that day with the littles.

2. Oliver loving the banana chocolate chip muffins I made. He ate 3 of them in one sitting. He kept saying “more please mom!”

3. Playing Ingenious with Alden after the other kids were all in bed and dad wasn’t home. Time for just the two of us.

4. Oliver playing peek-a-boo in the front closet, thinking he is sooooo funny and laughing at himself.

5. Eli wearing my socks to school. He just tucked his pants into the socks so they would be “more comfortable”. 

6. How happy Alden is when he comes home from scouts. He loves it. He loves his leaders. I think he loves being out in the evening too!

7. I left to go put Norah into the tub and came back to the table and found Lucy reading to Oliver and Eli while they finished off their supper. (Yep Burger Baron for supper! Another night of Dad being gone meant something easy they’d like!) 

8. Lucy working on her Christmas present: a sewing kit.

9.  Afternoon naps are getting a lot better. She had her first 2.5 hour one and it was great!!

10. Dad getting home after 4 days and passing out little gifts to all the kids. They were very excited

10 Things

10 things I want to remember this week:

1. 5 minutes spent together sitting in the morning light with Norah and her hamming it for the camera while I played peek-a-boo to make her smile.


2. Oliver telling me he was going to “make me lunch” while I sat on the floor downstairs.

3. Loving the free flow of ideas on a variety of topics and writing them down.

4. Listening to Regan sit at the piano and play whatever is in his head.

5. Alden’s pleasure at making some money from his first babysitting job for Derek and Lindsay.

6. Letting the kids eat ice cream when it was past bedtime but doing it anyways just because.

7. Listening to Oliver and Norah playing with each other in the living room. Hearing their giggles and laughter.

8. Eli and Lucy deciding to play together and build lego.

9. Norah and Ollie crawling around together in the basement and Ollie turning around every so often to make sure Norah was following him and saying “come on Orah” (he can’t say Norah yet)10. Sundays right now. This week we only left once. And that is pretty good right now.



10 Things

10 things I want to remember from lately.

1. Norah’s excitement when anyone crawls around with her.

2. How Norah smile looks from behind her soother.

3. How her sweet little hand and face look when she first started waving.

4. Snuggling my last little baby in my lap while we read books.

5. That currently the only cereal Lucy really eats is Multi Grain Cheerios. (And that Alden has two bowls of Honey Nut Cheerios every single day. Always. (And I need to get a picture of that.)

6. Eli and Karsen Bevans playing together all the time and Oliver trying to keep up with the “big boys.”

7. That Eli eats croutons as a snack.

8. How excited Lucy is about learning to Knit. How she sticks her tongue out while she does it (just like her Aunt Kelly used to do) and how she keeps asking me why I didn’t learn to knit. “I could teach you, you know mom!”

9. How both Oliver and Eli love to wear sport coats to church. And Eli even likes to wear his to school (over running shirts). And how Lucy’s mothering instincts come out as she helps me with the littles.

10. Eli telling me that his Ice Dragons brought all the ice and made all the roads slippery and made my van slide down the driveway while I was visiting teaching.

10.1. That I take lots of pictures of the littles but I need more pictures of Alden and Lucy right now.

These moments and more from the past week I want to remember. Did you capture your family this week?



10 on Tuesday


1. It has been a while since I did one of these! I’m back… at least for this week. HA!

2. On the weekend 4 of my kiddos slept at my mom’s house for a cousin sleep over. So we had just Norah. And it was our anniversary. So it was like a present! Saturday morning was the most sleep I’ve gotten in…. I can’t remember how long. I went to bed at 11 and then got up at 230 and then 7 with Norah and went back to bed until 9. It was AWESOME. Regan got up with Norah at 7 so I could sleep more. Now that is an anniversary present. One of the things I think sometimes when people ask me how life changes after kids is how valuable sleep becomes. It’s a treasure. One I’m constantly seeking!

3. Saturday morning we also went to Fort Macleod so Regan could run in a Triathlon on a team. It was SO hot by the time he was running!! Here are a few shots of Regan and his team mate JD.


4. I wish my house had more windows and bigger windows. But lovely light always comes in the kitchen around this time of year and I love how it lights up anyone sitting on the barstools.

5. A few weeks ago my friend Jenn and I took all our kids out to a field so I could snap a few pictures of them all. Her family. And my kids. I love love love yellow fields every single year.

6. School is almost here… Maybe I should buy some supplies or something.

7. The kids are in swim lessons now. And they are going waaaay better than usual.


8. Today my kids are all playing at someone’s house. So I have the whole day to myself. As in just me and Norah. Kinda fabulous.


9.  Lucy does a great job of playing with Oliver when she wants too.

10. Lots of trampoline fun is had around here in the summer.





10 on Tuesday

1. It’s been a while since I did one of these…. I haven’t found the time.

2. Regan got put in the Bishopric a few weeks ago. Which has been a bit overwhelming. (if you don’t know what that means, it means he is like a helper to the bishop (leader of our congregation).)

3. Oliver just looks up so much to Alden. It’s soooo cute.

4. Is the weather lately not soooo crazy!!

5. Eli loooves Norah.

6.  We got American Netflix. And it is soooooo much better.

7. It’s been so long since I made one of these posts… I can’t even think of anything to write!

8. Oliver thinks peek-a-boo is SO funny.

9. Norah is getting so big.

10. I feel like I have even less time with all the kiddos home from school! But I am trying to just go with it and enjoy them all.



10 on Tuesday

1. I’ve missed a few tuesdays. But blogland seems a bit of a ghost town as of late. Read this post and tell me what you think...

2. I’ve been taking pictures with my phone lots and trying to pick up my big camera lately. It’s easier to shoot with one hand with my phone since I usually have a small child in one hand. See at LEAST one a day… but mostly more each day. This is a great app BTW!

3. I love this blog and the photographs shared there! I’d love to collaborate in something like that!

4. I feel like Lucy and Oliver especially have very expressive faces.

5. I used to have people over in our house a LOT for supper. Like once or twice a month at least. And then we moved out to Raymond and I was pregnant and I felt a little strange about doing it here (it seems in small towns people seem weirded out by the whole idea….) and then I had another baby. And then I realized… I LOVE having people over for dinner. So I’ve started again. I love feeding people and it’s a great way to get to know people. So… it’s back ON!

6. I was thinking back the other day about all the wonderful women I’ve gotten to know over my life. Especially as an adult. Women who really have made a difference in my life. It’d perhaps be a nice blog post to document some of them.

7. I’m having a lot of back pain again lately. Lame-o.

8. I love having Reg capture pictures of our family too!



9. School’s almost out hey?

10. Lately Lucy has started becoming even more of a mother hen to Oliver. And I LOVE it. Love love love love love it. She takes him out on the tramp, reads books to him, plays toys. It is sooooo awesome. Especially when she chooses to do it cause its fun!

10 0n Tuesday

1. I started a 10 on Tuesday post last week but never got it finished and then it was a whole new Tuesday. So  I started again 🙂

2. Eli and I made a book about his dragons. Some days I wonder when these dragons will leave. Not that I want them too, I’m just curious how long he’ll hold on to them!

4. We had mother’s day. I was meaning to make a post about motherhood and my feelings, but I just haven’t gotten to it yet. Perhaps tomorrow. (or more likely tonight.)

5. I’ve gotten up and come back to this post already 4 times… and I’m on number 5. hahahahaha

6. Oliver loves to play in the sink. I love it and hate it.

7. On Saturday I shot a wedding. And I was a little worried about Norah. Actually a lot worried. It all went good. I am so glad! She even took a bottle!

8. I’ve had a lot on my mind lately. (Just got up again….)

9. I think spring is sprung. And on a side note, whenever I think or hear that I think of my dad and his saying he always said when I was a kid… “Spring is sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder where the birdies is…”

10. Taking wedding pictures made me pull out my big camera again and that was awesome. Lately I usually have a kid in my hands too so taking my big camera out is near impossible. But I use that as a scape goat too much too… so I’m going to pull it out again more.

10 on Tuesday

1. I am grateful for supportive friends and family.

2. Isn’t the nice weather kind of awesome?! I think *fingers crossed* spring is finally here.

3. If you don’t follow me on Instagram you haven’t seen all these pics… if you do… well here they are again 🙂 HA! Here is Alden’s drawing of our family… awesome hey 🙂

4. We went to Waterton a week or more ago… and I need to post a bunch of pictures I took there. I’ll try to get to that 🙂

5. I took pictures at a wedding. It was one that was booked a while ago (as in before Norah was coming) and it was only 1 hour. So it was just fine. Norah may have cried a lot for my mom…. but we all survived. 🙂

6. I sure wish Norah would learn to sleep in longer spurts. I was holding out for 3 months… and that came already and she’s still not sleeping in spurts. We are still doing the 3 hours thing…. and that is getting… um… old. Good thing she is a doll 🙂

7. I got bangs. And highlights. Seriously been YEARS for either of them!

8.  Lucy made her first pies all the way from scratch. As I was teaching her how to make it I was telling her the why’s. Like why you don’t over work the pastry or it won’t be light and flakey and that’s what you want.. so as she was biting into a piece of pie she says “Man, this pie crust is just so light and flakey.” hahaha. She made this chocolate one for her primary teacher and was SO happy to deliver it to her!

9. I’ve wanted to take a picture of Norah with her great grandma and their hands together for a while. I finally did it… I didn’t have my big camera but my iPhone did okay!

10. I made donuts and long johns last week… and my kids were excited about it. HA!



10 on Tuesdsay

1. It’s a week off school and Oliver loves having the big kids home.

2. Finally spring-ish weather. YIPEE!

3. We went swimming with Susie and Ryan and the girls in Taber and it was a little crazy but fun. Crazy to have three kids that can’t swim. (We have to keep tabs on Lucy too)

4. I tried to take a cute Easter picture of all my kids in their cute Easter clothes….. didn’t work out so well as a group. But my girls cooperated. (In fairness so did Alden!)

5. Lucy wants more and more to do things herself in the kitchen. She wanted to bake cookies herself and have me do my own batch beside her. Instead I convinced her to just use the Bosch and do one batch.

6. I put a shoe and sock on over my toe for the first time after my little accident. It felt not bad. So I started a training program.

7. We died eggs with the Bevans and then we rolled them (mostly threw them).

8. Oliver learned what  swing was.

9. I feel like we are some of the odd ones who didn’t go somewhere this week! Seems like a lot of people went on vacation but we are probably going to rent a house in Sandpoint Id in the summer~! I found some great ones!

10. The Easter bunny came. And nothing was brought to Norah (I think she’ll survive) but the other kids were kind of upset she didn’t get anything. I told Lucy she couldn’t eat candy her response “But she can snuggle stuffies!” I think she’ll survive!





10 on Tuesday

1. I’m wondering how many people still read this. I get like no comments at all lately. Well 1 or 2.  Truth be told I feel less motivated to post if nobody is reading!

2. We had Norah’s baby blessing and it was a nice day. Glad family could be here.

3. It’s finally nice outside. YIPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. I ripped my toenail off. It hurt a lot!!!!

5. We went out to HillSpring on the weekend and played with cousins. My kids love that we can hang out at “grandma’s school”.

6. I took Eli for a hearing test. He wouldn’t do it. At all. It was frustrating.

7. I wish Norah slept longer at night.

8. I love Oliver’s lips.

9. I think 5 kids is overwhelming.

10. My laundry is like….. out of control. I just can’t keep up.

10 on Tuesday

1. I wasn’t feeling the blogging last week. So I didn’t.

2. My cell phone wasn’t working any more so I went in for an upgrade and they had a deal on and I got a fancy new iPhone. I know it’s completely ridiculous and I don’t need it but I have enjoyed it.

3. Especially the camera in it. And instagram.

















4. We tried out Stay and play last Friday morning. I need Oliver to warm up to our nursery leader and she works at Stay and Play. So we are going to try it until he warms up to her I think. He did have fun. And Eli looooved it.

5. This little boy lights up the place with his smile.


6. Is it spring yet or what?

7. I’ve been trying to get back to exercising. Some days it seems not that hard to find the time but a lot of days I am walking on the treadmill holding Norah or not able to get on it at all. It works for now to hold her but that won’t work so well when I get up to running. Good thing I am so out of shape that walking is a work out. HA!

8. I love visiting with my parents. I wish they lived in my town.

9. Did I mention I want to go somewhere? But it’s not really a reality right now. I think the thing I’d want about going somewhere the most is just sleeping and having a break from tending kids…. although Norah goes anywhere with me. But just tending to her would still feel relaxing if it was just her.

10. That makes me think back to when I had only Alden and how easy it was. I knew it and I enjoyed it.




10 on Tuesday

1. I want to go on a trip. Badly. But I need to actually MAIL these things!

2. I’m looking forward to spring. Big time.

3.  It always cracks me up to see my kids doing this…. Going down as fast as they can. Makes me think it must hurt. But Alden says only if you do it wrong 🙂

4. Oliver is starting to go a bit stir crazy from being inside our house so much lately.

5. Our front closet is a pain in my side. No one ever puts their stuff away IN it. It always is on the floor. And looks terrible.

6. I’m feeling a little ho-hum about my every day pictures lately. Not feeling satisfied with them.

7. Oliver is liking helping in the kitchen more. Which is good AND bad.

8. Including last week and this week Regan will have worked 6 out of the 14 days on call. Plus working full days on almost every other day.

9. Eli has a cold again. Maybe if he tried actually washing his hands like we always tell him too instead of lying about it he might not catch every bug that comes by him….

10. Can you believe it is almost MARCH?!

10 on Tuesday

1. I am back to my pre Norah pregnancy weight. Which is a little exciting….. But I’m NOT at my pre Oliver weight. Which is less exciting.

2. Alden was in the Grade 4 play.  I couldn’t tell if he was nervous or just  didn’t want to be there. He seemed…. aloof. But the next day he asked if he could try out for the town play they are doing??? So I guess he had fun?!

3.  Regan is working a lot in the next month. And I’m already planning on being nutty. (I’m mostly there already anyway)

4. My grandma celebrated her 90th birthday and we had a little party for her. I’ll show a whole bunch of shots from it on Thursday.

5. Oliver is sick AGAIN. Seriously. This is the second time for him and Eli since Norah has been born. It’s kind of getting ridiculous!

6. I really haven’t ventured out of the house with all my kids alone yet. And that makes me feel a tad bit trapped. I am not normally stuck in my house so much. Between sick kids and having to have Oliver AND Norah and Eli with me… I am nervous about it!

7. I love that Regan takes pictures with his iphone. Like all these gems.

8. Can it be spring yet?

9. The kids have this week off school. I should have thought ahead of time and gotten Reg to get some time off…. but that didn’t work out.

10. How many of you are still reading this thing? Give me a hello.

10 on Tuesday

1. This girl is sweet…. but we are struggling at night lately! Oh vey!

2. I’ve taken recently to calling Oliver Ollie. Eli really was the only one who called him that and lately it’s kinda catching around here like wildfire.

3. Speaking of Oliver, he has become a climber. Heaven help me.

4. And speaking of Eli, he is so hard lately. He is pushing boundaries like nobody’ business. We both are having a really hard time with him lately!

5. A little snapshot that shows our reality right now…

6. I love banana bread.

7. I am grateful for nights that Regan is home.

8. I am soo glad it is supposed to be warm out this week.

9. So it’s V-Day soon…. really haven’t thought about it much at all. Busy doing that last picture….

10. We did go on a small walk one day to get out of the house. Oliver was VERY happy to get out and not so happy to come back in.



10 on Tuesday (on Wednesday)

1. I wanted to post the last two days… but i have two small kids who seem to be preventing that.

2. Ever tried quinoa? Well now I just can’t look at it the same after reading this…. and this. Makes you think!

3. Last Saturday we had 4 generations of women making homemade perogis. Lucy was loving being apart of it. And i got to keep most of them. The total for the day was over 300! YUM!

4. My project life finally made it to Canada but now its sitting at my parents house waiting there. I want to get it but also in reality i know lately i never get any time to myself lately. (See #1.)

5. What a goof this kid can be.


6. And man he has realized things have changed and he’s not really such a fan.

7. I’m going to try and make some of these! They look tasty!!!

8. I am amazed and grateful for all the food people hae brought me. Reg says we’ve been spoiled 🙂

9. I’ve done a picture a day since jan 1st. And i feel proud of myself for keeping it up so far. I’ve been getting everday  moments like this.

10. I’m sleepy.




10 on Tuesday

1. Now that I fixed some things that were causing me grief on here, I am back at posting. And perhaps now that I am done being pregnant 🙂

2. Is this not awesome??? It’s a lego Norah Alden made 🙂

3. Oliver is really struggling with Norah being around. Poor guy.

4. I want to figure out how to make it so you can follow my RSS Feed – which means you’d know when I post on this blog. I’ll look into it ASAP.

5. Really enjoying this little lady. It’s funny when I had Eli we were expecting a girl – not for any real reason we just were. And for months I was like huh a boy. And now we knew ahead of time that we were having a girl and still I am like huh a girl. Funny.

6. Grandma fell and broke her pelvis almost 3 weeks ago now. We are so glad she is getting better!

7. My friend Nichole came over and took some pictures of Norah and all of us. Lucy was TERRIBLE for it and Eli was mostly asleep. But we were all in some and I’ll take what I can get. This one is one of my favorites of the day. I spent yesterday taking more of her too….


8. I feel so much better.

9. Norah slept for 6 straight hours on Monday morning. I finally woke her up cause I NEEDED to feed her. Wouldn’t it be grand if she was a great long sleeper?! I’d sooo appreciate it!

10. Did you all follow me over here from my old blog?




10 on Tuesday

1. Well I am over here now…. and I still have lots of little piddly things to fix up. Most importantly all the categories. The move over made it so I have 40 million categories and I have to go back through all the old posts and make them into the right categories…. we’ll see if I do that or just delete them since the old ones will still be on my old blog. We’ll see how much time it takes me! 🙂

2.  This little boy loooooves to play on our bed. He thinks it is soooo funny.

3. Lucy had an orientation night at Girl Guides. She sure loves going!

4. I am almost 35.Crazy hey?

5. Alden is constantly building things with Lego and asking me to take pictures of it. I could almost do a blurb book on his creations. hmmm that’s kind of a good idea!

6. I got a little people airport set off a used FB group for Oliver (since he seems to be into little people lately) and it seems my other kids are just as excited about it.

7.  I’ve had lots of people asking me for a pizza dough recipe lately. So I’ll share one tomorrow.

8. What do you think of the move over?

9. The only bummer? The comments didn’t transfer at all. But I’ll survive.

10. I’ve got another family session to share. Maybe later today?

10 on Tuesday

1. I am at 31 (or 32??) weeks… and I still haven’t taken my diabetes test…. I may keep forgetting. Whoops.

2. My grandma is here for the week. We are doing lots of baking and freezer meals. Christmas and baby prep.

3. I have become obsessed with making this bread from pinterest that is actually from here.

4. Basketball wrapped up for both kids. They both really loved it. (I watched Lucy a couple times and I think she was more interested in the social aspect… not that I was surprised by that!)

5. Speaking of this girl, she is such a social butterfly. I think in the past two weeks she has been invited to 4 or 5 different play dates. And she LOVES it. She love love loves playing with friends.

6. My back hurts. I walk like an old lady.

7. I am amazed at how many people have trees up already.

8. I love a good sunset.

9. I love board games… tried any lately you love?? Tis the season for games!

10. We had a fun pie potluck party with pingpong last weekend. It was a ton o fun and might become a tradition around our house.

10 on Tuesday

1. I am at 30 weeks. Wowzers. That means 10 weeks until a baby.

2. Like four different friends offered for me to borrow their cribs. So thank you!!

3. I am on the lookout for a desk. A good one that will suit my crafting needs for a long time but it also not too big and not too small. And that will be something i will love for a long time. I haven’t found it yet. Just in case you are wondering.

4. Speaking of crafting, last week when the kids had a few days off school I was kind of on a home decorating blitz. I sewed curtains for the boys room downstairs, got them hung, recovered a bulletin board and hung it, painted and hung a large letter for each kid in their rooms, got the door for Lucy’s wardrobe door mirror in. All of it looks great and I’ll take some pictures this week to show you the kids rooms when I get those last little details done in them!

5. Yesterday we went out and visited my parents for most of the day. I love that we can go see them often.

6. I liked it when it warmed up a bit on the weekend.

7. My back hurts a LOT lately. And that is annoying.

8. I REALLY need to go grocery shopping!!!!!!!!

9. My grandma is coming to stay over for a week next week. We are going to make chocolates. She is going to spoil me by making supper for us and I’m going to rest. It’ll be lovely.

10. I am starting on some matching-ish quilts for Alden and Eli. I’ll show you them when they are done.

10 on Tuesday

1. I have 11 weeks left until I have another kid. INSANE.

2. Never ever ever have I wanted to keep being pregnant. I hate being pregnant… but when I am done being pregnant this time… I’ll have another kid. And I’m not sure I am ready for that.

3. Me and the two little boys spent the day yesterday playing. We made a cardboard train.
Nov 5 2012

4. And a classic activity I do with all my small kids – painting with water and black paper. Then when they eat the paint brush… it doesn’t matter 🙂 HA!
Nov 4 2012Nov 4 2012 #2

5. I need to find another crib. I thought I was getting one from someone for cheap but it doesn’t seem to be working out. I can not take Oliver out of a crib yet. NO way. But it’s my last kid – I don’t want to spend much moola on a crib.

6. I had a post for yesterday but I just didn’t sit down to type it up. I tried to take a nap instead.

7. I go through these read blitzes. Where I read like a mad woman and then I slow down. Back and forth. I just started the book “Uglies” and I think it might get me into another blitz!

8. It always amazes me how much better I feel when I get more than 4 hours of sleep in a row. It doesn’t seem to happen around here very often but MAN do I feel better when I get a real stretch of sleep!

9. Wasn’t it sooo nice on the weekend??? I want a few more days of that and then I’ll accept winterish weather. (Maybe)

10. And here’s the little man, who seems to be getting so big lately!
Nov 3 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. We were sick with the flu last week. It was a real party around here.

2. I’ve been adding stuff to my other blog lately. Here and there. Seems like I get to one or the other. That is why I am making them into one blog. Just makes a whole lot more sense.

3. I took some pictures of my kids tonight. And I was pleasantly surprised how well it went. Regan was a big help. I wanted a picture for our Christmas card. And I got one. (well I got more than one – but specifically that too.) Like this one…
Oliver at 1 year (plus one month)

4. I don’t know if I am ready for winter yet.

5. The last two pregnancies once I got the flu my body had trouble stopping throwing up again. It’s like it remembered oh yeah we do this… and then I just couldn’t stop again. I feel queazy again and that is lame-o.

6. Since I am making my blogs into one, I wanted to ask you a few questions and you can answer then in the comments or send me an email at steedr at gmail dot com.
• What are your favorite topics on my blog? Food? Photograph stuff? General Life? Crafts?
• What do you wish I posted more of?
• How often do you check on here? Do you like when I post every day? Or a couple times a week?
• What encourages your comments?

7. Doesn’t that last one count for like 7-9?

8. I made a good supper tonight that I made up. I’m gonna make it again with a few tweaks and then I’ll share it with you. Easy and fast and yummy. Winning combo!

9. I love it when Regan has days off in the week.

10. I hate it when you drive into Lethbridge to take your passports in to drop off and you forget your pictures….

10 on Tuesday

Since yesterday was Alden’s 10th birthday, I thought I’d do 10 things about him. Along with 10 of my favorite pictures of him.
Meeting Lucy for the 1st Time
1. He is the goofiest funniest child. Love his quirkiness.
Dad & Alden
Mr Bunny & Alden
2. He is so stinking handsome.
At the Lake
Mom & Alden
3. He is soooo into Lego. I mean looooves Lego. Hence the lego party we are having tomorrow for him!
Those Goofy Glasses
Classic NS
4. He has such a soft tender heart. Always has and I hope always does.
5. He was a giant when he was born. 10 pounds 12 ounces. And 22 1/2 inches long. Funny that he is soooo skinny now. But he is really getting tall. His pants are size 12 to get them long enough but we have to tighten them as much as they’ll go on the waist to get them to stay up.
Alden @ 5
With G&G
Alden & the Tramp
6. As I was looking back through all these pictures tonight (I totally got all caught up in it and did it for like 2 hours) I was remembering how much fun we had. He was such an easy baby and an easy kid to mother. I was totally 100% spoiled with him.
11:34am: Alden & Me
7. By far of my favorite things about him is how comfortable he is with WHO he is. He doesn’t mind if he likes different things that others. He is totally okay with it. And I hope that never changes.
8:33pm March 15, 2012
15 January 2012: 11:22 am
8. I have been trying and trying and trying to find a series of books that will make him fall in love with reading. But as hard as I try, it seems things like Big Nate (illustrated novels) are all the kind he’ll do.
june 15: the Boat
Oct 15: A REAL smile
8 is Great
9. He has a great general knowledge about a lot of stuff cause he is always asking Regan random questions. Like tonight there was a big discussion about the way Lego mini figures have changed over the years. So they looked it up and talked about lego through the ages. But so often it is on topics like how your small intestines work or who the past prime ministers were. And all kinds of topics.
10. I am amazed that I have a 10 year old. I can still remember so much of when he was born and when he was little. I found a little notebook the other day of funny things he said when he was 3. I am so glad I wrote that stuff down cause those are the little things I’ve forgotten. But man was I killing myself when I found that notebook 🙂 And so were Alden and Lucy when I was reading it to them 🙂
Okay scratch that. It’s more than 10 pictures.
And I just have to say I love this kid!

10 on Tuesday

1. Conference was great. Lots of distractions this year so I am glad I can go back and listen and reread the inspired messages.

2. If you didn’t see the post about Lucy’s 7th birthday party go back to yesterday’s post and read all about it.

3. Last week I got to go to Eli’s preschool class and be a helper. Thank goodness I have a friend who will watch Oliver for me so I can do stuff like that!
Oct 27 2012

4. I’ve recently realized I love making homemade pizza. I always have but I got some restaurant pans and a pizza peel and stone and now I love it even MORE! We seem to have pizza on Fridays lately… a lot.
Oct 26 2012

5. Apparently I probably have something in my arms. That is quite painful… I can’t remember the big medical name Regan told me it is. But it’s like Carpel tunnel except in your elbows and the outside of your hands. It makes my hands weak and it makes my arms go numb a lot. It is really annoying… but at least I am throwing up less 🙂

6. Since it was Lucy’s b-day this past week I made cupcakes for her class. Red Velvet cupcakes. Some times I wonder if other kids are like where are the normal white cupcakes when I bring stuff like this 🙂 But Lucy’s loves it and that is why I am doing it!
Oct 4, 2012

7. Are you thinking about Halloween costumes yet?

8. I am moving forward with my plans to make my blogs into one blog.

9. Speaking of my other blog, I’ve been busy putting up more pictures over there.

10. Oliver is pretty much walking. Still totally like a drunken man… but he can do it!

10 on Tuesday

1. I decorated for Halloween.

2. MY friend Rebecca linked to this great list called 31 Days of Unplugged Play and I love it!

3. I (Lucy) is now selling Girl Guide cookies…. the mint ones. $5 a box. So if you want some, I’d love to sell them to you.

4. I’ve been feeling the urge to make crafty things lately. Finally. Sleep was easily over ridding any crafting ideas!

5. Lucy’s room is totally started and hopefully will be all put together this week!

6. Alden and Eli’s room is well on it’s way too! Just have to get some big pictures to hang above their beds and a few other small odds and ends.

7. I took all the garage sale left overs to Catholic Charities. Everything except two book shelves. Which will leave soon too. LOVE getting rid of things we don’t need. It’s awesome.

8. Our basement is all done except the tiling of the fireplace. Which hopefully will happen soon.

9. I have lots of fun ideas for my blogs. I want to combine them into one blog. It’s just plain smarter. Need help to make that happen though. I can fiddle around with blogs but I can’t do all the things I want too. Just don’t know how!

10. I kind of want a few days of pouring rain.

10 on Tuesday: 1 Years Old!

This little man is one.
Happy Boy
Can you believe it??
This year has gone by so fast.
10 things about Oliver at one:

1. Only says “dadadadada” and sometimes “babababababab”
2. Is SUCH A happy baby!!! He is always smiling!
3. Loves to wrestle with Eli. (And it makes me nervous)
1 Years old!
4. Finally is sleeping a bit better. Only up once a night lately.
5. Cries when anyone goes outside. Whether he knows them or not. He’s just sad he didn’t go too!
6. When it’s bedtime, he is READY for bed and doesn’t do well with staying up late.
7. Is VERY loved by his older siblings! They love to help out with him!
His latest
8. Has one nap a day (which I try and keep for the afternoon.)
9. Isn’t a great eater and makes a huge mess every single meal cause he won’t wear a bib.
10. Brings such joy into our home!!
Funny no?

10 on Tuesday

1. I hate songs that have profanity in them on the radio. I rarely listen to the radio because I don’t want my kids to hear that. And if I forgot my iPod that just means we don’t get to listen to music. It makes me think of this quote by Spencer W. Kimball.

2. Last week we made a fort in the living room and Oliver thought it was AWESOME. (Eli liked it too!

3. The wind around here has seriously been insane! And fires again? Crazy!

4. Trying to make lemonade out of lemons, I took the opportunity to paint the kids rooms downstairs while they have no carpet (or doors or moulding) in them. Colors?? Mostly grey with some orange 🙂 I’ll show you when they get all put together!!

5. Oliver will be a year this Saturday… that is INSANE.

6. I’ve taken a few family pictures of people lately. And all of them are such cute families! Like this one I love! (The family AND the picture)
The Baldry's

7. I guess it’s been a week of school now hey?? Yep it’s great. The only downside has been for poor Eli. He doesn’t understand why there is no one around to play with. He doesn’t believe me and keeps going to knock on doors and ask for the other kids of the neighborhood. It’s kinda funny and kinda sad. Good thing he starts preschool today!!

8. As soon as the kids are back downstairs I HAVE To make Oliver cry it out at night. I can’t take getting up with more than one kid plus being pregnant.. oh vey!

9. Oliver really really needs to learn to go down stairs! As soon as the basement is done we are going to put some serious stair time in and get this done!

10. I just noticed the date. The 11th. I remember I was going into work at the Lethbridge Herald when the planes hit the towers in New York. It was insane and busy around the paper – even in a small place like Lethbridge. I can’t image what it was like at a big newspaper!

10 on Tuesday

1. Yesterday we did “get ready for school stuff”. Which really included a lot of cleaning and some last minute laying around 🙂 hahahaha.

2. Regan won the inaugural Labor Day tennis classic in a tiebreaker.

3. Last week Regan took a couple days off work. We went to the HooDoo’s one day. We had fun.
Lucy in the Hoodoo's
(Lucy took this one of me and Eli)
Me & Eli

4. And I spent one day shopping in Calgary by myself. It was fun to have no one to stop and take to the bathroom or anyone being bored. But really the best part was meeting up with my good friend Sarah for a little bit. Ah I miss her.

5. I got to take few shots of my sweet new niece Ivy.
Sweet Baby Ivy

6. Do you see the face in the hoodoo??
Can you see the face?

7. Yep… almost a family picture but Alden wouldn’t move down sooooo here we are…. kind of.
FAmily picture

8. Did I mention the basement is driving me crazy??

9. The kids started school today and they both came home happy. I’d say it was a success!

10. I realized this morning that I really need to go grocery shopping for basics.

10 on Tuesday

1. I didn’t have anything to say yesterday, so I didn’t post 🙂

2. I need to can a whole bunch of peaches

3. I had my mid way ultrasound last week. Yep I am half way to having this kid.

4. My kids are getting excited about the baby.

5. I am SO tired of all of my family living in three rooms. I wish our basement would get fixed already! When Oliver naps the kids pretty much just have to be outside or else they wake him up.

6. I picked out carpet for the basement and now we just need it put in.

7. I am excited about back to school.

8. I have a few ideas for Oliver’s bedroom decorating. And as soon as our basement is put back together I am decorating his room.

9. Speaking of Oliver, he is almost a year. CRAZY hey?

10. I am going to Calgary to do some school shopping probably all by myself. And that sounds awesome.

10 on Tuesday: Vacation Edition

1. We rented this house which was in Canal Flats, BC. We were looking on the website VRBO for places to stay in BC and a friend was over and she said that we should rent from her friend who had a house there instead. And we did. If you are looking to rent it here is the listing. It was soooo good. Perfect for a family. And nice and quiet and close to lots of things.
Our place for the week
Bedtime stories
Playroom fun

2. My parents came to stay with us for a few nights which was great too. Even one night Regan and I went out for a date night since our wedding anniversary was over the holiday. We went to this restaurant and it was great!

3. We spent a lot of time swimming in one way or another. Even Oliver was into the pool. Although I am SURE it is because it was warm. He hates cold water. So does Eli. And so does my dad. So it was a win win for all of them 🙂 Alden did a lot of this….
Fairmont Hot Springs

4. We had to stop off at the world’s biggest truck of course!
World's Biggest Truck

5. On our last full day we went on a little adventure to find Whiteswan park, or more specifically the Lussier Hot Springs. They are natural hot springs and we thought that would be cool to see. So we google mapped it. And started following the map. It took us through a CRAZY off roading 40 minute drive through logging roads and across a do not enter bridge. Google maps steered us WAY wrong. But we did end up there. And on the way back we used the regular road that everyone else uses 🙂
Our adventure
Natural Hot Springs
His happy face?
Loving the hot springs.
Us relaxing

6. The ridiculous sleeping of Lucy is still going on. It seems funny (well not really funny… but I don’t know what other word to use…) that finally Eli is sleeping relatively normal and now Lucy is the crazy one. One day I am going to sleep again…. right???
Lussier Hot Springs

7. One of the cool things of the house was the main floor bathroom. Eli sure loved it. Because it had an old fashioned tub with one of those shower heads you can hold. He had a lot of baths 🙂
Bathtime Buddies

8. One our first full day there we went to Fort Steele. My kids really loved that! I took so many pictures there that I’ll do a whole post about it tomorrow!
Fort Steele Train Ride
The Whole Family

9. We had lots of hot dog roasts and s’mores.

10. This really was our first “family” vacation. And I think it was a success! A few other random shots that I loved….
Big Horn
Milky Face!
Great views hey?
Checking out the Big horn sheep
Learning to Crochet
Water finds
Beach Day
Outdoor fun
Columbia Lake
Mini Golf

10 On Tuesday

For this week’s 10 on Tuesday I thought I’d share 10 random pictures from lately that I love.

1. He loves to show people how old he is now.
He's 4

2. He did a basket ball camp.
BB camp

3. A prairie sunset.
Prairie Sunset

4. One of the views from my parents home.
Hometown Views

5. He is often smiley.
Smiley Man

6. The cousins had a sleepover at Grandma Davis’.
Cousin Sleepover

7. She learned to ride a two wheeler. (Although she can’t turn corners and is still quite nervous.)
Learning to Ride a 2 Wheeler

8. Lately I’ve been trying a lot more meals with potatoes cooked in various ways. This was one yummy way.
Yummy Potatoes

9. He celebrated a birthday.
Happy 34th B-Day

10. See… there he is again smiling.
Always smiley

10 on Tuesday

1. Our basement flooded again. Yep. Again. And they haven’t even finished fixing it from last time. Obviously they didn’t fix the problem either.

2. Did you see that Women’s Soccer game with Canada vs the US??? Can’t believe they lost it! Terrible calls! So sad!

3. How about that smack down that Murray gave to Federer?

4. Since I was feeling discouraged about the basement mess last night and Regan was on call I sat at the computer and went through some old pictures editing and I found this gem. HAHAHA Doesn’t she look happy 🙂
Lucy on the tramp

5. And since I’m sharing pictures…. here’s one from Regan’s instagram lately.
iPhoto from Regan

6. All my kids are now sleeping in two rooms. Yep that sucks.

7. Speaking of my kids and their sleeping, last week Lucy was hanging out with a girl older than her and that girl told her a scary story. Something about a guy waiting in a closet and who knows what else and now Lucy is afraid of everything. As in she won’t sleep without someone else around. And she spent two nights of hysterical screaming. The first night I was feeling a little bad for her. But after that she was totally out of control and she lost my sympathy. Like she was switching between talking calmly to acting like a loon. It was totally fake. And I couldn’t take it.

8. Alden tried water skiing yesterday. I stayed on the shore so I couldn’t see. It would make me too nervous.

9. Maybe this time I should go for new carpet?

10. In the spirit of the Olympics, you should check out the beginning of the ping pong games just to see how play music (and the music they play!) and then how they get their rackets out of a special box. Quite the ceremony!

10 on Tuesday

1. Phew. Didn’t post for a few days hey? Well thats how the summer goes 🙂

2. Got my new patio furniture. And it looks great. And I love it! 🙂

3. Tried out our fire pit last night for FHE. Did a wiener roast and made s’mores. mmmmmm S’mores!! Regan taught Alden how to build a fire. So he did it all himself.

4. I’m trying out a new drug to help with the puking. And it is EXPENSIVE!!! Holy cow! So glad we have insurance!

5. Speaking of that patio set…. I made a fun playhouse out of the boxes for the kids. Oliver and Eli and I sat out in that play house for like 2 hours. I read a book and they played. It was great. (Had to share these all cause he looks so cute!)

6. Got to see my “little” brother and his whole family this week too. Took the chance to snap a few shots of them.

7. And Oliver “played” with his newest Davis cousin Joshua.
8. Check out how Alden is roasting his hotdog…. with his feet. Goof!

9. This shot just feels like southern Alberta to me.

10. Caught this photo a week or so ago when we stopped after coming home from a family trip to Lethbridge. We went to Chapters and everybody picked out a couple books, stopped for cupcakes at Crazy cakes and went to IHop for dinner. Fun little family evening.

10 on Tuesday

1. A few of you caught my list last week. And my big news on it.

2. Yep 5 kids. CRAZY. Can’t even believe it still. Every day I am like wow. I thought 4 was our end. But I guess God had other plans. It has always taken us a long time to have a baby. So getting pregnant when we weren’t planning is still a shock. Apparently this little person NEEDS to come to our family.

3. And yep, just like all the past 4 I feel terrible. And puke a lot. This time it seems to be night time that is a real struggle for me. Lots of throwing up at night. Nothing like waking up at 2 am to puke 🙂 HAHAHA

4. OR scaring the neighborhood kids by having them walk into the bathroom when you are puking while trying to hold your 10 month old away from the toilet… 🙂 Good times. Good times.

5. We told the kids one night last week and the next morning Lucy told some man that stopped by our house that she didn’t even know. To say she is excited is an understatement. (of the century.) She’s already praying it’s a girl.

6. I’ve also been told by a few people already that I am looking well…. plump. (not in those exact words)… Which is hard on the ol’ self esteem. I still haven’t lost baby weight from Oliver and now I am going to put on more. Discouraging!

7. Most days when I am trying to put Oliver to sleep I am overwhelmed with the fact that I HAVE A baby. And there is another one coming. Wow.

8. And I am amazed that my mother had all of us (6 plus 1 adopted) in a short amount of time. She must have been soooooo sleep deprived. (And a little nutty).

9. Since find out I was pregnant I have felt a shift in my focus. Or more like a tightening of my focus. Other things that try to crowd in that I want to do have fell to the wayside. And I feel much more focused on my children and my family. I always felt like I was choosing motherhood in a lot of ways, but now motherhood is choosing me even more.

10. And if you are trying to do the math…. Oliver and the new baby will be 16 months apart. All our other kids are 3 years…. and then 16 months. Woah. Many times Regan and I have said to each other.. I can’t believe some people have their kids this close together on PURPOSE! CRAZY! 🙂

10 on Tuesday

1. We got a new computer 4 days ago and finally now it is up and running. Transferring all the files and all that was messing me up. But I got it all done now!

2. We started swimming lessons this week for the oldest three plus basketball camp for Alden. (He sneaks out of bb camp to run across the street to do swimming and then runs back.

3. Last night before bed Alden was in tears cause he feels like he doesn’t have any free time. Which is funny since he spend the entire afternoon (from 1pm on) just playing.

4. I love Goat cheese. A LOT.

5. It makes me annoyed when people are nosy. Is that weird? If I want to share it with you I will.

6. Fresh fruit is in season. And that makes my tummy happy.

7. All of my kids were sick last week. Chicken pox (YES we vaccinate our kids… I am married to a doctor!!) and the flu. It was just rotating from kid to kid. We missed the parade and slept instead.

8. Our backyard is almost completely fenced in. That makes me HAPPY!

9. I wish our yard had some trees. Soon, perhaps.

10. I have been looking for some patio furniture and I finally found ONE i like and it is a little too pricey. If I can’t find anything else I might bite the bullet. But hopefully I’ll find a cheaper cute one.

10 on Tuesday (on Wednesday)

1. When I spell Wednesday I always say in my mind while spelling “wed…nes…day” so I can spell it right.

2. Our basement carpet is fixed. Just need the drywall and the fireplace tile to be fixed.

3. We had tons of Steed family fun on the weekend. Hence the no posts for a few days.

4. We went to Heritage Park on Monday too. (Just pulled the kids out of school.)
Riding the train
Big Smiles
Little Ferris Wheel

5. Oliver needs his first hair cut. I am NOT one of those moms who is emotionally attached to hair. If it’s long, I get it cut. End of story. 🙂

6. What a great challenge this is over here to play WITH your kids. I am thinking I need to do it too.

7. Holy rain last night.

8. I have a good idea for Father’s day this year. Now I just have to get to it and get it ordered and done.

9. Eli’s 4th birthday is coming up fast.

10. I finally ordered and pretty cool camera bag. Just waiting for it to get here 🙂

10 on Tuesday

1. I want to shoot a wedding on a beach.

2. I used my saws that my dad gave me on the weekend. It was fun.

3. I cut my hair off. Well I didn’t cut it, Rebecca did 🙂

4. I read the Thirtieth Tale last week. SO GOOD!!! Read it!

5. Did I ever share this picture? I can’t remember.

6. My dad calls my mom a “rabble-rouser”. Apparently I am also one. 😉

7. Love these project life pages.

8. Some times taking untraditional pictures is fun.

9. I’ve fallen off the 365 picture a day wagon lately. I need to get back on because I love it. It captures moments I love like these….
09 January 2012
21 January 2012
26 February 2012

10. My messed up basement is driving me crazy.

10 in Tuesday

1. Love this article from the hands free momma.

2. Go check out my pictures of Lucy I did.

3. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of the great relationship these two have. Love that they love each other so much.
14 May 2012

4. Our basement flooded. We’ll probably need total new carpet and underlay. Yep annoying.

5. Whenever someone he wants to see (mostly grandma) he always waits in this position. Staring and waiting.
18 May 2012: Waiting

6. We planted a garden yesterday. And by the end I was tired and a tad bit grouchy. 🙂

7. This shot made me smile.
11 May 2012
And so did this one.

8. Love that Lucy gets to see women of generations together. I’m blessed to have all of them in my life!
13 May 2012: 4 generations of girls

9. Great grandma made a blanket for Oliver just like she did for me when I was a kid.
13 May 2012: Generations

10. Soccer night for Alden. And man does he love it. Especially when he gets to play goalie.
10 May 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. When I sit down to nurse Oliver he always plays with his own hair when he is sleepy.
Oliver & Mom May 2012

2. Whenever Alden snuggles with me, which he asks to do – especially if I am wearing a house coat (yep I totally wear a house coat sometimes…. maybe not be the cutest but MAN is it comfy), he always holds my hand. But not just holds it, but we kind of rub our hands. It’s hard to explain but he’s been doing it with me since he was very small. And every time it reminds me of how he is my first little boy. And takes me back to when I first realized that he did it years ago.
Alden & Mom May 2012

3. Eli often will walk up to me, hug me and say “I love you mom!” It used to be that he’d always say “I love you TOO mom” even when I hadn’t said it first. And when I tell him I love him too he gets to biggest grin in his face and then runs off to play. (My eyes look a little creepy in this…)
Eli & Mom May 2012

4. Lucy’s language of love is giving gifts. But it is gifts she has made. Songs she has written, poetry, stories, pictures she drew. I totally get that about her 🙂
Lucy & & Mom May 2012

5. Since I am often (as in pretty much always) behind on laundry Alden has to go searching for socks in the morning (in my defense he has for YEARS hidden his dirty socks…. like behind to toilet and in other weird places so they often don’t get washed and then I find a pile of smelly socks….) anyways, he often wears socks that don’t even come CLOSE to matching. One day he was wearing one of Eli’s and one of mine. I tell him to try again but he doesn’t care and will try and sneak out of the house wearing mismatched socks.

6. I often wonder lately if Eli will ever sleep like everyone else. On the morning after an especially bad night with him I struggle to be patient with him. On those days I am even more grateful for the funny things he says that lighten our family up. He is a really hilarious child.

7. Oliver now army crawls. And I think he loves that he can do it. He is 8 months old today. Crazy!

8. My mom tested Lucy’s reading level a couple weeks ago when they were out there for a sleepover. Grade four. She is in grade one. She is one smart cookie. And because I know how smart she is I wish she would realize it and embrace it. She acts like she can read things or talks baby talk or talks about how others are smarter. And I just want her to know that she is smart and not brag about it but be proud of it and USE those brains.

9. It’s funny to think back to when I was a kid and I would image being a mom. It is way harder and way better than I thought. I’m so glad every day that I have these kids and that I have Regan with them.
13 May 2012

10. Yesterday was the anniversary of Regan’s brother’s Ryan’s death and today is Kelly’s birthday. So we’ve got both of them on our minds.

Capturing the Joy in Life

10 on Tuesday

1. Lucy had her dance recital. Wow am I glad that’s all over. But she sure looked cute…..and so did her friend Lauren! (and YES that is crazy dark stage makeup!)
Stage Makeup
Lauren before the show

2. I am getting all caught up on my Project life. Someone asked how I find them time…. well I am behind – that means I didn’t find the time yet 😉

3. Man you all are quiet!

4. I have been saving an old map for my house for a few years. (since me and a friend Jodie P bought them off an old fisherman in NS) and now I have one framed and hung in my bathroom. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

5. I am going to do a little room fix up project on my own. I’m a little nervous but I’m gonna give it a shot. I’ll show you when I am done.

6. Lucy on stage dancing…..
5 May 2012
and her friend Mamie too…
Mamie dancing

7. I had a group of ladies over last week who all love to read and we talked about our favorite books. I added a whole pile to my goodreads list. MAN I have a lot of reading to do 🙂 HA! If you like to read, check out my friend Clarissa’s blogsite all about the books we read.

8. Lucy and her really good friend Lauren before dance…..

9. Eli’s birthday is coming up in a month and I am thinking of ideas for it. He wants a superhero party. We’ll see if he still wants that in a week 🙂

10. The light in my kitchen is so lovely in the mornings.
3 May 2012

10 in Tuesday

1. Regan wants to be bald (no he can’t shave it – i think if God gave you baldness He gave you a head that looked good without hair)…. I wish I had no teeth – just fake ones that I never got cavities in that looked totally normal.

2. Spring has sprung. And my herbs are growing.

3. Seems I’ll put books on hold and no come forever and then all of a sudden a whole whack come in.

4. My kids both had a friend over last Friday who got to stay until after supper. It was lots of fun and craziness. They did some pillow sumo wrestling. Which made me (and them laugh).

5. And the boys drew stuff together.

6. And this child drew all over himself with markers.

7. Made a change to my plate wall and added a chalkboard. Really gotta show you how it looks (the whole room now!)

8. Doesn’t this make you smile?? I love it when his hair gets all sweaty and sticky upy.

9. Spring Soccer has started. And this little lady has already played her first two games. She’s surprised us with how she kind of actually goes after the ball. Totally thought she’d be a little more passive on the field. Love it!

10. Speaking of my chalkboard that great quote comes from a new band I am totally in love with lately.

10 on Tuesday

1. It feels like spring is HERE. And maybe summer too.

2. Remember I said I got an ipod awhile ago?? There are some cool photo apps on there. Not NEARLY as nice of a camera as on the iphone that Reg has but it has it’s place too. A little collage of shots from my ipod over the last while.

3. I need to do a whole blog post about Easter and all the things we did.

4. And I need to do a whole blog post about some other random family things too. Sometimes I wonder what is the right balance between family stuff and stuff like project life and cooking and all those kinds of things. Some days I have enough to say for TWO blog posts 🙂 HA! What do you think about THAT?

5. I am anxious to get our backyard all done. Especially raised beds and a fence. And a cement pad with a basketball net. I’d love to play outside shooting hoops with my kids!

6. Went to the park today to meet a friend and then ended up seeing four other friends there too. Love it when that happens!

7. Mother’s Day is coming up…. thought about a gift yet for your mom & mil??

8. Have you seen this? Scary!

9. I have decided that I want to do food photography. I think it’d be fun for like a magazine or a menu or website for a business. But the likely hood of that is small.

10. I might be getting a tad bit annoying with this…. but here is this again. If you haven’t entered yet – do it!

10 in Tuesday

1. We went to my nieces baptism and made it into Easter dinner too. It was great.

2. I went for a walk / run yesterday actually outside. I was tired but I enjoyed the time outside by myself and the fresh air,

3. My kids have started soccer.

4. Last week Lucy had a random swollen eye. And this week Oliver has it. Weird.
11 April 2012

5. I love the view.
13 April 2012

6. I am ready for spring spring spring.

7. One of my favorite shots from our last zoo trip….

8. I love this.

9. Look who got glasses. They are actually only for reading and screens but she’s a TAD bit excited about them and wears them all the time.
15 April 2012

10. If you haven’t yet, go and enter my contest on my photo blog.