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Listography: List 90

List 90: Who/ What I hope to remembered as Kind of a deep list topic today!! 1. Kind. 2. Generous 3. Friendly 4.View full post »


List 87: Things I love about my son: Alden: 1. His creativity 2. How comfortable he is with himself. 3. His handsomeView full post »

Listography 85 & 86

List 85: If I could I would 1. Pay off all our debt today 2. Travel. Lots. 3. Buy land and start designing my dreamView full post »

Listography: List 83

list 83: favourite flavours of ice cream 1. Chocolate. REally of any sort! 2. Strawberry 3. Raspberry 4. FrenchView full post »

Listography: List 81

List 81: 25 Things I love about summer: 1. Sunshine. Lots and lots of sunshine. 2. Fresh fruit and veggies 3.View full post »

Listography: List 79 & 80

              list 80: the best part about getting older 1. Becoming moreView full post »

Listography: List 78: Things I Love About Canada

              1. Freedom 2. The beauty! 3. How great Canadians are! 4.View full post »

Listography: List 73: The Best Things About Being Married

1. Being married to my best friend who gives me support in all areas of my life: emotionally, spiritually,View full post »

List 73: Best Pinterest Finds this month

Best Pinterest Finds this month: Raspberry Vanilla Lemonade. YUM! How to make a Gif Frame + Instragrams BabyView full post »


List 72: I love it when people…. 1. Send thank you’s2. Come over for dinner3. Open the door for you4.View full post »


List 69: Things to do this Spring 1. Plant a garden2. Clean out the garage3. Watch a lot of soccer games for all myView full post »

Listography + Embrace the Camera

list 68: places I’ve lived 1. Vanderhoof, BC 2. Hill Spring, AB 3. Lethbridge, AB 4. Cole Harbor, NS 5. EAsternView full post »

Listography: List 67

list 67: 10 childrens’ books I love 1. The big hungry Bear by Don & Audrey Wood 2. Sleepy Bears by MemView full post »

Listography: List 66

list 66: projects to tackle 1. my fireplace grout (yep still haven’t done it!) 2. Laundry room fix up 3. TheView full post »

Listography: List 63

list 63: things I’d like to do everyday I read the wrong prompt last week (whoops) and so this is actually lastView full post »