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Listography: List 64

List 64: Quotes I love. I have LOTS of quotes i love. Some posters I’ve made of some favorites: (you couldView full post »

Listography: List 63

Places I’d like to spend the night: 1. All night in my own bed. 2. Paris, France 3. Hawaii 4. Texas (for theView full post »

Listography: List 54

List 54: Things to do this Winter 1. Send Regan snowboarding.2. Try snowshoeing3. Do some indoor photography with kidsView full post »

Listography: List 53

List 53: Favorite Books of 2011 I read 65 books in 2011. I know cause I keep track on Good Reads. My 10 favoritesView full post »

Listography: List 47

List 47: Things to be Thankful for. 1. Running water 2. A dishwasher 3. A warm house 4. Vehicles that work 5. Lots ofView full post »

Listography: List 46

list 46: People I loveI thought I’d add some pictures of people I love… and I obviously couldn’t addView full post »

Listography: List 45: Things I’ve lost or broken

My first thought was hearts. hahahahah But that’s not true at all. So….. 1. I’ve broken almost allView full post »

Listography: list 44: the best desserts

I could make a LONG list here ๐Ÿ™‚ Dessert is my favorite course! So I’ll just stick to categories of them. 1.View full post »

Listography: List 41: 10 Halloween Costumes I’ve had

To tell the truth I can’t even REMEMBER 10. My mom was NOT a fan of halloween. She still isn’t (funny IView full post »

Listography: List 42 : Things I Wish I was better at

1. Parenting. There is a lot I could say about this. But I’ll just leave it as that. 2. Knitting / crochetingView full post »

Listography: List 41

Things i like to wear: yoga pants.jeansshirts that aren’t tight on my left over baby belly.cute earrings.cuteView full post »

Listography: List 33: Ten things I’d Tell my 17 Year old Self

1. Treasure every moment with Kelly even more. 2. Your mom will be one of your best friends one day. 3. You will findView full post »

Listography: List 32: Best Days So Far

1. August 18, 2000: Wedding Day 2. October 15, 2002: Alden’s Birthday 3. October 5, 2005: Lucy’sView full post »

Listography: List 31: Favorite Websites

1. Pinterest 2. Eighteen25 3. Think Garnish 4. flickr 5. Clayton Austion (Really I could do a whole list just onView full post »

Listography: List 30: Places I’d like to Go

This could be a long list… but I’ll try and keep it brief ๐Ÿ™‚ 1. France2. Egypt3. Hawaii4. Africa5. Arizona6.View full post »