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Mom Story

I grew up with a very loving mother. In fact, I remember being little and thinking sometimes that my mother wasView full post »

Norah at 4

This lovely little girl turns 4 today. I still remember very vividly realising that we were pregnant. I had a nineView full post »

Self Portraits in Motherhood: The littlest

She’s my youngest and so we’re both holding onto those last few baby things. The soother, theView full post »

Lesson on Motherhood: Giving Gifts

A month or so ago it was our anniversary. I was going about my day trying to get my list done, trying to get thingsView full post »

Back to School 2015

Last year I started the new family tradition of a Back to School Feast. This tradition was started by the totallyView full post »

Dear Norah

Dear Norah, You are at such a fun little age now! You are 2 and a half and so so cute. Your sweet little voice is softView full post »

Happy Mother’s Day: What Motherhood Looks like

A few months ago I posted a collection of photos that I took depicting motherhood. Well for weeks after that I keptView full post »

How Memory Keeping Makes me a Better Mother

Today while I am sharing another spread from Feb 22-28, 2015,  I also want to talk a little bit about why memoryView full post »

Mother’s Day Questionnaires

I’ve been a mom for a few years (12 years to be exact) and the things I’ve loved the most that my kidsView full post »

Lessons on Motherhood: Why I want my kids to fail

There are lots of things that are different now for kids than when I grew up. The Internet is a big one thatView full post »

Norah at 2: A Love Letter

Dear Norah, You are two. Actually you are 2 and a bit. And you are such a delightful little thing! We play this littleView full post »

Lessons in Motherhood: Find Pockets of Joy

I read this fabulous post the other day from the lovely Stephanie Nielson about motherhood and it really reached outView full post »

My Threenager

Dear Oliver, You are the midst of the threes and wow, you are tough. When you are happy, you are so happy. Your smileView full post »

Write your Heart Out: Today I want to Remember

I’ve decided to follow along with the ever inspiring ladies over at Life Captured Inc with their December writingView full post »

Lessons on Motherhood: Learning Zone

Another Lesson in Motherhood from a fabulous mother I know named Laura. Laura and I met when she moved into ourView full post »