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Danger Zones in Mothering

Another Lesson in Motherhood today from another fabulous Mother I know and love named KristinView full post »

Back to School Feast: 2014

My friend Serena told me about a great tradition called Back to School Feast from the lovely Stephanie Nielson. I lovedView full post »

Norah at 19 months

Dear Norah, You are such a sweet little thing. Lately your personality is starting to emerge even more. And it is soView full post »

Lessons in Motherhood: Try again Tomorrow

This morning I’m sharing a Lesson in Motherhood from my good friend Chelsea. She is one of the ladies that peopleView full post »

Lessons in Motherhood: Assume the Good

Every summer I put my kids into swimming lessons. I’m not a great swimmer (I’m actually quite scared ofView full post »


5 Strategies for Easy Memory Keeping

Last Friday I talked a little bit about why I want to memory keep. My friend Kristen Duke had a guess post by theView full post »

Moments of Clarity

Just in case your here looking for the giveaway, its down a post. Or click here and get toView full post »

Year One: Day One

My friend Tracy does this thing with her kids where she documents their birthday of them. So I tried it with Norah thisView full post »

Norah at One

Dear Norah, I seriously can’t even believe you are one! How strange! Started out as a pudgy 8 pound 14 ounce babyView full post »

One Little Word: 2014

I’ve thought about my word a lot. And one day it totally came to me out of the blue. One of my greatView full post »

New Years Day

We took the kids up to Waterton on New Years Day. It takes a lot of work to take all these kids and have everyoneView full post »

A Simpler Christmas

We are keeping this simple this year. Really trying to focus on the real meaning of Christmas and less on all the otherView full post »

Little moments

The other morning I was feeling frustrated about getting things done. I am a list maker. An accomplisher. Give me aView full post »

Lucy’s Baptism

I realized I hadn’t shared any pictures of Lucy’s baptism. So here some are 🙂 Regan and Lucy with Alli andView full post »

Coming to the Rescue

Yesterday afternoon Lucy was working on a Kiwi Crate. Lucy was working on the Kiwi Crate. She was making this JellyView full post »