Just thought I’d add a little of the tidbits of Oliver’s “party” (aka Fancy sunday dinner). I made pizza. I forgot to add in yesterdays post that he does eat pizza. So I make it fairly often! I made it for his birthday.

Here me and him are together (Eli took this on my phone) It’s edited with vscocam

This one is from Instagram while I was figuring out how to lay it all out.

Here I am setting up the table scape… Alden took this one.

All these plates and ceiling thingies (can’t remember what they are called) are always hanging here, but I got the idea of putting blown up pictures of Oliver from the past 2 years in them.

A little chalkboard art and you can see close up of the banner I made. Made it in photoshop and then added washi tape after.

Right before we eat. All the pizzas are covered in tinfoil. Plus wings in the polka dot bowl and cut up fresh fruit.

These are actually planters but I have never planted anything in them!

A few more shots of Oliver and his cake.

He really wouldn’t get into it til Sage showed him what to do!

That’s the party! If anyone wants the birthday banner to print out, comment or send me an email (steedr at gmail dot com) and I’ll send it to ya!