Looking back at Easter when I was a kid I remember a few things. One, the Easter Bunny always came the Saturday before. Easter Sunday was about the real meaning, always. Two, I never remember actually believing in the Easter Bunny. We all knew it was my mom. And we were fine with it. We knew because she always made the same thing every year and it had our names on it. And she always hid them in the same spots. I supposed when there are 7 kids finding good hiding spots for baskets could get old. So she just used the same ones. You just looked in every spot each year to see which one had your basket. (The first one we all looked in was the oven. For some reason I found it hilarious that it was one of the spots.) Three, My mom always bought one of those hollow Easter eggs and handwrote our names in icing on the top and then added these eggs too. That was the fun of Easter at our house.

This year we’ll actually be in Hawaii on Easter (just me and Reg – and YES I am beyond excited!) So I thought I would share some of these with my kids a little early. SO easy!

All it takes is making regular Rice Krispie Squares except you add peanut butter to it along with the butter. I did find that you needed more marshmallows, so I added a recipe at the bottom adjusted.

And then form them into eggs. I found this was way easier to do on the counter than in my hand!

Let them cool and they’ll be ready to dip in chocolate. As I kid my mom always dipped them in chocolate and I remember them being quite crispy. So I instead made a chocolate ganache and dipped them in that. The only thing is you have to let it drip off all the way if you do that.

Then add some icing sugar and a tiny bit of water to make a thin icing and do some little designs on the top. That’s it. Easy!!

Fancy looking and easy. And cheap! If you used chocolate chips to melt to put on top, the whole thing is quite cheap!


Add them to a bed of colored coconut “grass” and you’ve got yourself an Easter treat!

Did you parents do anything special for Easter that you specifically remember from when you were a kid?