Christmas 2009

We got sickness around here. Starting the 22nd we had puking from at least one person every day until oh about the 29th. Most of it was Eli. He just couldn’t get rid of the bug. But both Lucy and Alden woke us up in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve covered in puke. It was QUITE the night. With very little sleep had by ANYONE in the house. Really they were in really good moods considering. I got puked on and diarrhea on me more times like I’d like to count. Nothing says Merry Christmas like a good puke down the shirt covering your hair (which you took extra time to straighten), into your bra, on your socks, pants and shirt. Especially when you aren’t at home and have nothing to put on after except your BIL’s sweatshirt and sweatpants (thanks Derik!) 🙂

But despite that all we had fun.

Some snapshots from the holidays.
Lots of dancing on the bed to the Barenaked Ladies Jingle Bells

Lots of fun opening presents Christmas morning (despite the lack of sleep.)

Fun times with both sides of the family.
And thought I’d add in some presents I made this year.
Two car cozies (found the idea on handmade by jill (GREAT blog by the way!))
Two 3 tired skirts (here’s one that was for Ali)
And a necklace for SIL Lindsay.

It was good Regan was home for two weeks. Cause all that sickness on my own and I would have been going crazy!!

How was your Christmas??


15 thoughts on “Christmas 2009

  1. oh no! Sounds awful! Well the sickness part…at least you could somewhat enjoy your Christmas. Hope everyone stays healthy now for the rest of the winter!

  2. Fun times minus the puking. Great gifts! I love the necklace! ANd I love homemade by Jill, I started making those car cozy, but my sewing machine was not working properly. So they are now in my pile of to do’s. Yours turned out fab!

  3. ick ick ick!! I am glad everyone is over it, and that you had Regan home with you. That does not sound fun at all!!

    Thanks for posting the car cozies! I am saving that in my file for next Christmas!! It will be perfect!

  4. I love the name wall-hanging! I am guessing your mom made it? because we got one from my mom too. Good old HillSpring super saturday!

    P.S. -I got the Nikon D40 for Christmas. Thanks for the help!

  5. It looks like you had an awesome time – but too, too bad about the sickness! Did you get the bike or did Regan? And those purple socks – did you make them too? You amaze me with what you get accomplished while being a mom to 3 little ones :)) Happy New Year!
    P.S. I love the sign!

  6. I’m glad that everyone is healthy now and that you had a good Christmas despite the sickness. Great Pictures as always! Those car cozies are cute. The name sign is beautiful.

  7. Yay Christmas! I got your family picture in the mail yesterday. Love it! I was glad to see you didn’t blog much over the holidays either but now I know why. Hope that takes up the puking for all of this year. Sam was sad we haven’t been able to come visit. I hope to be down there sometime in the spring maybe. We have to hook up when I do!

  8. So sorry you had sickies at the house over Christmas. We did too, but we had the runny nose/cough variety. I’ll take that any day.
    I LOVE the car cozies!
    So you and R got bikes? That’s on our wish list, bikes for Mom and Dad.

  9. So sorry to hear you guys were all sick! Christmas looked fun at your house regardless though. I love looking at your pictures, you are so talented!

  10. Oh you are so good at capturing moments! I wish I was better at that. You riding that bike is so happy fabulous! I’m bookmarking this so that I remember next year to capture the moments more.

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