We like taking our kids out to DO things; And it’s even funner when it’s with cousins. And lucky enough Grandma Steed found us a new fun activity in Lethbridge over the Christmas holidays. We have traveled a bit and lived in other areas of Canada and one thing I think Southern Alberta is sometimes lacking is in the family fun department. These kinds of Coloring pottery places are all over but I think this is the first in Lethbridge. There are SO many families with lots of kids in Lethbridge and surrounding areas and I think we need more of these kinds of things to DO with our families. That’s why I was glad we went here. If we want more things like this we need to support them when we come. Which is why I’m sharing about our experience there!

First walking in my kids were SO excited to see the shelves of different ceramics. So, so many  to choose from. I was a tad bit nervous of one of them breaking things (but no one did!) Lucy was in HEAVEN!!!! She had a hard time picking because she loved so many. Alden picked his so easily – a football helmet piggy bank. You pay according to the piece that you pick to paint. Bigger ones are more expensive.

Color Me Mine Lethbridge | Just Rhonda

There is an explanation about how the paint works (it gets a LOT darker when it’s in the kiln) and then you get you started painting. Some of the kids talked a bit about what colors and planning but some just dove right into it. So much fun painting. Three coats of paint later and they were done. There are LOTS of paint choices 🙂

Color Me Mine Lethbridge | just Rhonda

I ended up leaving Oliver and Norah at home with a babysitter so that I could help Eli if I needed too and paint my own. I think they could have done it in the end but it would have been better to have dad with us too if I had brought them both. It ended up taking us a couple hours to get everyone’s painted. Some of the kids finished before the others and then they looked around the store at all the other awesome choices but most of them finished around the same time. After we were done we left them there to be cooked or “fired” in the kiln and seal the paint on.

Color Me Mine Lethbridge | Just Rhonda

So much fun. The kids all loved it a lot. In fact in the middle of painting hers, Lucy said “Mom, have you ever had a day SO good it feels like a dream? That’s today for me.” Sweetest ever!! Our kids ages that were there were 13 down to 4. The 4 year old needed help and started to lose interest near the end (but really she did GREAT). All the other kids did it almost all on their own. We will be exploring other fun things in Southern Alberta over the next year and sharing our adventures and all the things we try here.

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