Yesterday afternoon Lucy was working on a Kiwi Crate. Lucy was working on the Kiwi Crate. She was making this Jelly fish.

After she got it all done, she stuck it to the window in the kitchen. It kept falling forward and she said to me “Mom, I can’t get it to hang right.”

You see earlier, Eli had opened in earlier and taken some of the instructions of out it and put them who knows where. So she was just figuring it out. (She has no fear when it comes to anything artsy or crafty.) My first thought was to tell her how to fix it. And then I stopped myself.  I waited. I asked her what she thought she could do to fix it. After a minute or two she came up with a plan and fixed it.

I think part of being a parent is our great desire to rescue our kids. There are times I have needed rescuing. I can think of specific instances where my parents stepped in and rescued me. And other people. And I know there will be more. As parents, we want to rescue them from pain, from heartache, from anything scary or hard. We love them, so of course we want to save them from it. But if we are constantly saving them from everything, how will they learn?  Made me think of the idea this cartoon is sharing.  I have a good friend who told me about some counseling they are doing in their marriage. And how in their sessions they learned about roles in unhealthy relationships. How there are victims and bullies and saviors. People get stuck in these roles. Someone steps in the save the victim. Now obviously there are MANY circumstances where people need to be saved. I’m not saying that’s bad AT ALL. But if we constantly step in and save our children from every single thing they will never learn to think, do or be anything for themselves.

If we want them to be courageous, they have to do scary things. If we want them to be able to stand up for whats right, they have to be placed in situations where others are not doing whats right. If we want them to the grow and learn and become strong adults, they have to be challenged. Life is full of challenges.

Kind of deep thoughts for a Wednesday afternoon.