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I’ve had a couple people ask me lately about my favorite cookies for Christmas and I was thinking about it and I decided that I’d share my favorites this week. The cookies that either have been around since my childhood, that I remember my mother and grandmother making or new ones that I’ve learned to love as an adult and have now become part of Christmas for us. These are some that I’ve loved for years. The recent half covered in chocolate is a change from the ones I had as a child and it makes me love them even more!

Christmas Cookies Soft ginger cookies | Just Rhonda

Super easy cookies but the ginger flavor totally screams Christmas to me! It’s funny how a flavor or a smell can bring something back into your memory so quickly. The smell of ginger whether through ginger bread cookies or these soft ginger cookies, it’s a Christmas smell to me. These are a great cookie to make with kids too. Easy to make and they can roll them in the sugar before baking.
Soft Ginger | Just Rhonda

After they are cooled I love them dipped in yummy white chocolate.  Just melted a little bit of good quality chocolate and then dip in half and let harden. That’s it. Easy Peasy.

Soft Ginger | Just Rhonda

Little hands kept helping themselves to these  😉

Soft Ginger | Just Rhonda


Soft Ginger | Just Rhonda

As I go about the next 12 days sharing my favorites I’d love to hear any that you love for Christmas!

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