On Sunday I posted this picture on Instagram and then had a few people ask for the recipe. So today I’m sharing it. I don’t have any fancy pictures, just the one captured on my iPhone before I ate.

Dauphinoise Potatoes | Just Rhonda

This recipe is one adapted from the amazing Jamie Oliver. I had never heard of them before watching him make them once on his show. And then I googled about them and read up how he did it and some other versions. And I love them! They are super tasty and you can make them in under 30 minutes which means you can do it for a weekday meal. Normally they are cooked in the oven for an hour but Jamie does part of that on the top of the stove and then 15 minutes in the oven. So it makes it a lot quicker and still suuuuuper tasty!


We had it with this Jamaican grilled Pork (one of my very best favorites) and some  fresh peach chutney (I have a whole lotta peaches I picked up in BC to eat up) and some fresh veggies.

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