Dear Norah,

You are at such a fun little age now! You are 2 and a half and so so cute. Your sweet little voice is soft and high. Your speaking is really improving and you are constantly surprising me with what you notice and say. I think it is because  you are my baby and still pretty small. You are talking really well. Your newest thing to to softly sing to yourself. It is pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever heard. I love when you sing ABCs and any primary song. We still play the “I love you more” game and you still end it in giggles and kisses. That adds to your cuteness level.

You finally got another tooth. That makes 9. Still lots of gaps in your mouth but I think you are finally getting them. You told me when the last one came in and said “ouch, oh ouch, my mouth”.  It was cute too 😉 Your mouth has totally healed from your surgery and it’s looking good. I don’t know if that has affected your speech or if it just happened around the same time but you definitely talk more now.

You have decided that polka dots is where it’s at. You get really feisty on sunday mornings about your sunday dresses. It’s quite the process to pick out your clothes and have the time you spill food on it before we leave anyways and we have to try again to find one you are satisfied with. You always say “oh a princess one” when we finally pick a dress and put it on you. (Add another cuteness notch.)

You love to read the same three stories for bedtime and have been on that kick for a few weeks now. I’ve had enough of them frankly, but we keep reading them. They are three Dora books (she’s not my favorite) and you love that you know what is coming. You really love books and LOVE to be read too. It happens a LOT. A Lot, a lot.

You still sleep with a soother but really only use it in bed. Even in the morning when you get up you are holding it when I come in to get you and you just hand it over to me. The bottles are all gone now. But you still call your sippy cup your bottle.

You are a REAL fan of Lucy. (Lucy loves to say she is your favorite next to mom) She can babysit you and put you to bed easily. It’s really awesome how well you two get along and i totally am reminded of me and my little sister Aunt Kelly. I love to see it. It really means a lot to me. You are still a momma’s girl but you’ve decided that dad is pretty awesome too. Really you make everyone in our family happy. (Sometimes it’s real work with Oliver but you patiently ask over and over “mom is he happy yet?”)

When I have been gone even for a short while, when I walk back into the room you come running with your arms spread wide with the HUGEST grin on your face and it is the CUTEST!! I love it soooooo much.

We just love having you in our family sweet girl. You light up our home and fill up our hearts.

Love mom.

Dear Norah | Just Rhonda

* I love writing letters to my kids that they can read when they get older. I think it’s a great way to share my feelings but also record memories about them at different stages. I love leaving them in my own voice.

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