I’ve been working on decorating my kids rooms after switching them all spots to give my oldest his own room. And it makes for more fun projects. This is one of them. I saw a flower letter on instagram and thought YES! I want one of those for Norah’s room. So I made one. It was so easy and you can make it too!


All it takes is a large cardboard letter. I got mineĀ at a local craft store. They are kraft brown like this one at Joannes (which isn’t even in Canada BOO!) or this one on Amazon. Then all you do is carefully cut along the sides of the top and pull off the top. Add in your flowers how you want them to fit and glue gun them in.


For the sides I considered painting it and then I thought of all the cute Washi tape I have and chose that instead. And it worked great and it was soooo fast! Win-Win.


That’s it! I got all my flowers at Michael’s. Yup they were more expensive than the ones at the dollar store but I think with fake flowers you can tell so I splurged on them.


It’s big! It makes a bit of a statement šŸ™‚


I think it adds a very feminine touch to the room that I just love.


So simple but cute! I’m glad someone else thought of it and I copied their cute thing!!! HA!

Just Rhonda

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