A few months ago Regan and I went to Arizona on a little get away and while we were there we visited an Anthropologie store. I love going in their stores, even if I don’t buy anything because I think they are filled with inspiration. It was before Christmas and they had a fantastic tree decorated with lovely gold flocked feathers. I had Regan take a picture on his phone (mine was dead) and I have remembered the tree since then, wishing I had a few more pictures of it so that I could really study how they did it. I tried it on my own tree and quickly realized I would need a LOT of feathers to have it covered the way I remember them having it. But I had made quite a few feathers. I took them and instead turned them into this wreath for my kitchen. And I am happy with it. I really love it. Especially since my Christmas tree is already taken down and put away and this lovely wreath can keep hanging in my kitchen all year long. It was super easy to make.


  • Off white heavy card stock
  • Scissors
  • Gold foil transfer sheets (I used Martha Stewart ones but I am sure you could find others)
  • Liquid adhesive (You can buy one that comes with the sheets or I just used a liquid paper adhesive I had around the house)
  • a Paint Brush
  • An old toothbrush

1. Cut out the leaf shape from your card stock. I just eyeballed it but if that doesn’t work out for you here is one you can save and print off and use as a guide. It doesn’t have to be exact cause all leaves surely are not exact! After I had cut the leaves out I went around each one and added in different edges. Like cut them along the edges so that they were more natural looking.


2. Dry brush your adhesive onto spots of the leaves. Like don’t cover the whole thing. You want it to be brushed here and there. If you brush it all over then the whole leaf will be gold (which would look pretty but wasn’t what I was going for this time!) Let the adhesive dry for a few moments.   Then lay your foil sheets onto and rub. It’ll come off in sections and that’s what we want. Keep doing this over and over so that there are areas of foil on all the leaves but they aren’t fully covered.

3. After the adhesive all dries, take your dry toothbrush and rub around on the foil. It’ll take off all the extra bits and give it an old weathered look. Then take your leaves in your hand one at a time and fold them a bit so the edges come up. I kind of crumpled my in my hands and then flattened them out again a little bit.

4. Cut out a ring of old cardboard. And  glue your leaves to the cardboard with your adhesive again. I layered them over top of each other and did it without the glue first so that I could get it how I wanted it. Then I glued them down.

5. That’s it. Hang it up after the glue dries!


That’s it. Simple and totally cheap and cute!


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