I knew months ago that Eli should have a Dragon Party. If you are friends with me on Facebook then you have probably heard his talk of his “Dragons”. You can read a little more about them here. We try for very non commercialized parties around here and so I didn’t  want a party that was a movie about dragons I just wanted to do a Dragon party. Which was a bit tricky! Finding dragons that aren’t from the cartoon movies. But I found some stuff and I made some stuff and we met in the middle.  Eli is turning 6. His birthday is actually next week  but it’s so close to Canada Day and so many things happen that weekend that I wanted to do it earlier.


First up is the invites. I got the idea that I wanted to do dragon eggs that were the invitations. So I made each guest a dragon egg. Eli helped with the painting and then we delivered them to each kid and he watched them open the eggs.  Eli loved watching each boy smash his egg open!

dragon_inviteRLS_2310Eli started out wanting a cake that was a dragon but then days before he changed his mind to wanting a dragon den.  So this is what I came up with.


I started out with a tall round cake. It’s actually from a cake pan that makes a Barbie cake (My mom gave it to me and I had cakes made for me when I was a kid.) After the cake was baked and cooled I cut out a cave shape. Then covered it with icing and added in the candy. The trees are made out of laffy taffy that I just warmed up in the microwave for 5 second and then moulded into trees with pretzels as trunks. The river was made the same way. The gold pile and the rocks are mini M&M’s. And then the bigger logs are mini Reese bars. A few months ago I had been at Costco and I found a book there with the little dragons from How to Train your Drain 2. I didn’t know at the time how I would use them but I got it just in case I would need them for Eli’s upcoming party.



When the boys first got here they started out jumping in a jumpy castle right out in our front yard that happened to BE a dragon.



Then the boys each got to come and pick a dragon tale. I used this pattern here that is for Dinosaur tails and just called them Dragon tales 😉 RLS_2458


Then we moved on to some games.  One of the party games I thought of when we were in a shoe store.  We were in the store buying Regan his Father’s Day present and I saw a pile of these foam things and the first thing I thought of was teeth. So I asked the sales guy. And after looking at me strangely, He told me I could have a whole box (I only took 12.)


This was the end result.


I made an A frame shape out of cardboard and the cut out a whole for the teeth to go in. Then added my dragon face. (Alden took these.) The boys threw a ball to knock out his teeth.



RLS_2493For other games we did dragon races.


Eli loves treasure hunts. And so I had wanted to do something along those lines. So I found three things and spray painted them gold.  The gold book (A block of wood with a paper crown glued on the front), the golden scepter (a random stick) and the golden treasure (a little treasure chest from the dollar store).  Then my fantastic husband write a story to go with the finding of the three items. (yeah, I know, he’s awesome!) You can go here and read it or if you want to throw a dragon party you can download it and change the names you’d like to to personalize it!


The Dragon Master Adventure: The Book, The Scepter and Chest of Treasure by Regan Steed

Eli had climbed all morning to reach the top of Mount Moyblong. The day before he had received a message from Orthelian the Owl which directed him to make this climb. Eli knew that the top of Mount Moyblong was where the great wizard Petros lived. Petros was Eli’s wise uncle whom Eli had not seen for years.

 As Eli arrived at the top of the mountain he found the cave where Petros lived. At the entrance of the cave were two wolves. These wolves stood motionless as Petros came out to greet Eli. Petros invited Eli to enter into the cave and relax. As they sat down at stone table Petros offered Eli a slurpee to quench his thirst. Eli wondered how Petros could have slurpees at the top of the mountain but didn’t ask.

 Petros said, “Eli, you are now old enough to go on a quest for me. Ever since you were born I have known you will do this and now is the time. When I was a young man you’re the wizard Thandforth hid three items that are needed to become a true dragon master.” Eli, who was always a little bit impatient at such times, proclaimed, “what are the three items and how can I find them.” Petros chuckled at Eli’s enthusiasm and said, “First you must understand two things about how to become a dragon master. The most important thing is that all dragon masters listen to what their mother’s tell them and they are always really nice to their friends” Eli agreed that he would of course do both of those things forever.

 Petros solemnly nodded his head and continued, “The three items are: the dragon master book, the golden scepter and the treasure chest. To find the fist item you must go to the castle Groundia del Playo and as you explore and look above your head you will find it. Before I give you your next directions you must bring the book to me.” Eli again nodded his head and quickly left Petros. Eli ran down the mountain and sought out his friends to help him storm the castle. The quickly arrived and searched throughout and found the book. Eli with all his friend quickly ran up to Mount Moyblong and arrived as the sun was setting. Petros advised them to wait patiently at the top of the mount until the next morning for further direction. They were all tired and quickly fell asleep.

Minutes before the sun would rise above the horizon Petros woke Eli and his sleeping friends. He said in a loud voice, “Wake up. Go quickly to the Fire of Dogian Hothan. You must look under the fire and there find the golden scepter. I’ve received word that another possible dragon master is seeking to obtain the golden scepter so you must hurry.” Even though the band of friends were tired and still half asleep they ran like the wind down the mountain and found the golden scepter under the Fire of Dogian Hothan just before the evil Rasptilo arrived.

Eli climbed the mount once more, but before he got to the top he was met by Petros who said that Rasptilo had gathered information about where the final item was and the Eli would have to hurry to get it first. Petros said, “Eli you must hurry to the Jungle of Sous Trampalos and seek amongst all the plants to find the treasure chest.”

 Eli ran and obtained the treasure chest with the help of his friends just before Rasptilo arrived. Right after this Petros arrived and said, “Eli you are now a true Dragon Master. Never forget the two rules of being a dragon master – always listen to your mom and be nice to your friends.” Right after that Petros disappeared in a puff of smoke and Eli heard his voice saying, “I will visit you soon with your next Dragon Master Adventure.”

Pretty awesome, right!!!

dragon_questThe backyard setup:


The bullseye was a game i actually ended up forgetting 🙂 I had cut out dragons i found online and it was going to be a pin the dragon sort of game. RLS_2432

Food & decorations: I wanted to do food Eli actually eats and I was trying to go red and green. So we had Lava & chips (he loves chips & salsa), Fireballs (red chocolate dipped brownie bites), cucumber slices (an eli favorite), A dragon egg (watermelon), and some red candy. The decorations I found online dragons. Some i just printed out. The big one I found online and just drew it and cut it out & glued & sewed it to another poster board and then used it on all the signs (you can download them all here if you want).



dragonpartyRLS_2447RLS_2448I think the boys had a fun time 🙂



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