Early Morning Banff

Eli’s been on an early morning stretch lately. As in 530-6 am every day. While on vacation last week….. still in it. So I got up with him and we went out on photo walks. (That photo a couple posts down of the lone dirt road was from an early morning in Mountain View)
Sunrise at the falls
While out on our drive on one of the early mornings (yep we are still both in our pjs and jackets), we stopped at the lovely Falls. And I asked Eli if we could do a picture together. I set the camera on some drift wood and pressed the timer and ran back to him at the shore. He was laughing so hard. And kept saying “again, again, again”. So I took many many of the two of us.
Sunrise with me and you
I’ve realized that I need to be grateful that I get this time in the morning with him. Getting up at 530 – 630 am is not something I would choose to do. But Eli is happy in the morning. He is delightful and energetic and happy to see the sun come up. I am not. And I need to be. It’s all in my head. I can imagine that it is good. I can choose to be happy no matter how early we get up. Then I can see the good part of this. The positive. How lucky am I to get one on one time with the third child?!
So instead of being crabby that he got me up on holidays, we went out and spent time together. And it was magical.
August 4 – Imagination
Does that mean I am ACHING to get up at 5:45 am? NO. But it does mean that I am working on enjoying the moments we get together if we do have to get up then and sleeping in more if Reg gets up with him 🙂 (you know, lemons into lemonade kind of deal).

And to see some of the mmmmmmaaaaaannnnnnnnnyyyyyyyy pictures I took in banff you can look at some here at rhondasteed.com.
August 4 – Imagination


9 thoughts on “Early Morning Banff

  1. Amazing light, Rhonda! That early morning wakeup call was perfect for beautiful pictures. I’m so not a morning person but you have the right attitude 🙂

  2. Those are some heavenly pictures Rhonda. I would wake up that early to come enjoy that scene if I could… maybe just for one day but it would be nice!! Eli is sooo cute by the way. I just love the kid!

  3. Good for you Rhonda to see the good side. Yeah, I’d have a hard time with the early AM wake ups, not sure if I could turn lemons into lemonade. You’re a great mom. And yeah, any one on one time with a child is precious.

  4. Hi Rhonda, so I have no idea when you asked me about my FHE board, I just randomly saw that there was a new comment there, so sorry if it has been awhile! 🙂 My sister-in-law made this for me at a super saturday, but I can see if she can find out the info for you. She lives in St George, Ut – so I am assuming the vinyl supplier lives there as well. I will see what I can find for you, it may take awhile, but I promise to get back!

  5. Love the pictures, you’re amazing! I had to laugh about Eli and his early morning, because DJ is exactly the same way! I think they would get along very good!! He’s always been an early riser. I guess the good thing about it is he goes to bed at a good time at night. And no, it doesn’t make a difference if I put him to bed later, he’s still up early and grumpy by 8am. So he goes to bed at 7pm every night! Way to have a good attitude!

  6. Rhonda, you took some of the most amazing photos out there. And I have to say your attitude is awesome.

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