A few weeks ago I shared how I use 5 different strategies for memory keeping. One of them I mentioned was Blurb books. I am planning on making a blurb book about our trip to Hawaii. In the past I have done very simple Blurb books but this time around I’m going with a more scrapbooked look. And perfect for that are templates! All you do is open them up and drop your own pictures and patterned “paper”. I added a  few other embellishments on these pages. But all in all all 4 of these pages took me 10 minutes. Now even if you aren’t as familiar as me with Photoshop, after you learn to drop the stuff into the template (which means copying and pasting it in) you’ll be humming in no time!! These templates are all from a lovely designer named Crystal Wilkerson. She has a whole series of them and they are all easy to use. The stitching that is between the pictures came on the template (I didn’t add it) and there are the same ones without it too. Crystal is one of my favorite designers! I got her life planner last year. I have used quite a few of her free project life downloads that she does with Rebecca and Kristina Proffitt each month. Anywho, here are my pages and if you want to go see her templates used on her site or to go and buy the templates.   


Just in case you are wondering I used other digital stuff from Rhonna Farrer and from freebie digital kits that I got from the now non existing Two Peas in a Bucket website.


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