Eli and his daddy

Lately this little boy LOVES his dad. He wakes up and the first thing he calls out is DAD over and over again. He wants dad to put him to bed and dad to play with him and dad to give him his bath. It’s funny all my kids have gone through a stage like this when they want their dad the most while they are still small.

And to be totally honest with every kid, I always feel a bit sad. I think wait, what about mom. I am supposed to be the favorite. I know they will get bigger and find out that Reg is way more fun than me. But when they are small and no one in the world makes it better like the momma. I like that. It can be tiring but I love the love in it. Does that make sense? But really, he has a great dad. So I totally understand. I love him too ūüôā

If you haven’t lately, go check out my photo site here and look at the sessions from lately. I’ve got LOTS more the I am editing too!