My 5 year old is quite a character. He is, as we like to call him, the spice in our family. And the things he comes up with?? So funny and frustrating. I have been saving little tidbits of conversations with him for a while. Probably since Norah was born, which is just over 7 months. I wanted a place to keep them all and the quickest way to do that was with a Project Life Mini Album. I got the Bridgeport Edition (you can only get it on in the States (Which I ordered and then drove down across the border to get!)) I added 4×6 Project Life Grid cards, tidbits of scrapbooking paper from my scraps pile, Washi tape from Michael’s & other various spots and Remarks & Thickers from American Crafts.

I didn’t put all the pages (but close!) I was so happy to have this completed! To use the Grid Cards I just made them in Photoshop as a 4×6 picture and added my text (copy and pasted straight from my Facebook status’) and some of them I added some Rhonna Farrer brushes on the side and some I left plain.

This page has two of my favorites conversations on it!

When I showed it to him, his first question… “Can I sleep with it?” All my kids love to look at it. And my older two (who I also got mini albums & childhood mini kits for) were a bit more motivated to complete the ones they started. (They are old enough to spell and do all that so they were working on them in the summer on their own.)

I love that despite being busy with my littles I could complete this. I did it in spurts during nap time and sometimes at night after the kids were in bed. Love this little goofy man of mine.