When Norah was born it had a different effect on each member of our family. One of the most interesting to watch has been with Eli. According to Eli,  two dragons were born at the Lethbridge hospital the same day that Norah was born. And then these dragons followed us home. He has talked about them in various ways. The interesting thing is that he has kept talking about these dragons.

When we go somewhere he asks if the dragons can come too. For weeks, since Norah’s birth, he has been talking about them. He even convinced his entire preschool class that they exist. They asked if they could pet them. He wears socks on his hands lately often. They are to pet his dragons.


My lovely Grandma Stasiuk has heard Eli talk about these dragons. So she made him one. Isn’t that so nice? He loves it. When grandma gave it to him she told him it had magic powers. It helps him stay in bed all night. Is she not the best???? He told Grandma one of his dragons was red. So she made him a red one.

Of all of my kids Eli seems to be the most excited about Norah. He asks the most to hold her and kisses her often. It is interesting to me that these dragons came about the same day Norah was born and in the same place. Sometimes I wish I could see into my kids minds.

 Eli is a challenging child to parent. He is physically and mentally exhausting. But things like this are so him. And so endearing. Definately one of the things I love about him!