Eli turned 5. And he wanted a pirate party. And I really got into it. It was tons of fun planning it all. And I had lots of help from others too! To start out, here’s the invitations:

I rolled the invites up and put them into bottles and Eli loooved delivering them!

So I always get silly ideas… like over the top ideas. And I was saying to my SIL that I wanted to build a pirate ship out of cardboard and she was like why don’t you just get Brad to build one out of plywood. SO he did. This is the drawing I texted him…

and this is what he made…. (Isn’t it AWESOME?) The mast was actually curtains that someone was trying to sell on a FB buy and sell group. I was laying in bed trying to think how to make the mast and was thinking of all these different things to try and then the next morning I saw this on FB and totally bought it. Someone was selling a sail. What are the odds!

Then here a collage of decorations and such.

I took some pictures before the kids came into the yard. Cause I knew it would be crazy then! So the kids met outside our gate… here are some waiting for the rest to arrive…

First up everybody got outfitted in pirate apparel (I love orientaltrading.com!!!) Then we moved in to paint a pirate mask. I was at the dollar store looking for treats and scored pirate masks. So they kids painted or colored all their masks.


Then we moved on to “Hook Ye Jewels”. I cut off the tops of some cheap hangers for the hooks and stabbed them through big red cups to make pirate hooks. The games was 3 kids at a time racing to see how many could get “jewels” (AKA candy necklaces) off the platter. Then they each put some of them on or ate them.

Then we moved onto the “Cannonball toss” which Brad built right into the ship for me. It looks more like a ghost but it’s supposed to be a skeleton. ūüôā I did it with spray paint in the dark on my front lawn the night before the party. HA! The kids also had to “walk the plank” and jump into the pool. The older kids had that spray string stuff and they were supposed to spray the kids. But apparently 5 year olds do NOT like that stuff and it made them all nervous!Then we moved on to “Make Ye Flag”. I found a big container of pirate stickers at Michaels.¬†¬†(Another place I love for party planning!)

Then we moved onto the “Treasure Hunt”. I should have taken a picture of the box but I forgot. It was a big old box I have and I filled it with Chocolate coins, fake diamonds, Silver kisses & a bunch of pirate booty from¬†orientaltrading.com. Alden got into making a map and hiding the treasure. (He got so into it the kids couldn’t figure out his map so he ended up leading them around for a bit and then taking them close to it and getting them to try and find it.)

Then we moved on to food and cake. The kids did the pirate bowling if they finished eating soon. ¬†I totally got the cake and food ideas from pinterest.¬†(Follow me there if you’d like). Here is the birthday boy with his pirate ship cake.

We had a skeleton pinata. (I never do pinatas for my kids parties and they were telling me how hard done they were because of it…. so I asked my good friend Marie who looves to do pinata’s if she’d help me out and she graciously did. I was soooooooo kind of her!)

A couple of other great things:

1. This present from his cousin James… with a cucumber on top. (Eli loooooves cucumbers. Especially baby ones.)

2. My friend Peggy was with me helping most of the day. Which was soo good since I had Oliver and Norah around and all the other kids. She was sooo helpful before and during the party!

3. Regan was home during the party too which was great since wearing Norah around in the baby bijorn while running the party and trying to take pictures was…. difficult!


I had so much fun totally getting into this party and I think Eli and his friends (and cousins) enjoyed it all. Here are all the guests and Captain Eli!