So we went on a great family vacation. (Get prepared for a photo overload!) It was a beautiful location on the Wilderness Club Golf Resort in Eureka Montana. I’ve been telling everyone they should rent the lodge were we stayed! It sleeps 25 people in beds! Plus tons of room for people to sleep on the floor and a huge kitchen and dining room. And man it was just beautiful around there!

There are a lot of babies. And we started calling them the baby gang. 🙂

These three are each a month apart and they had sooooo much fun together.

The light was so lovely in the house.

We did face painting one day.

And bubbles provided fun too.

Hannah did lots of posing for me 🙂

There was lots of water involved. There was a waterslide and pool & hot tub and then we spent a day at the lake with the boat and the beach and there is a big hot tub right at the house too.

Lots of fun cousin time.


So one night we were just sleeping and then all of a sudden we heard the LOUDEST noise. We had no idea what it was. And then we woke up and  found a tree had blown over and hit he house. Right where me and Regan and Norah were sleeping! Crazy hey?!

One day we went to Kalispell & tried out the alpine slide on the Big Mountain just outside of Whitefish.

We drove home over Logan’s Pass.

It was a fun, tiring, exhausting trip where we made lots of memories.