This past weekend we gathered with some family members in Fairmont for a reunion of sorts. There were lots that couldn’t go but we still had lots of fun! If you’ve never been to Fairmont it is a great place to visit. It’s beautiful and not to far away from Southern Alberta. I thought I’d share lots of pictures and some of the things we did with a pros and cons list of doing a reunion there.

The view from Fairmont Resort

Since I have always at least one early riser I am often able to be out taking pictures when the sun first comes up. The light here was magical at that time in the morning!

Mountain Morning Light

At Fairmont you have a few options for staying. Some of the family had trailers and they pulled them and stayed right in the Resort RV campground. Some of them tented and those aren’t allowed anywhere on the Resort so those tough families had to stay at the tenting campground down the hill and across the river. We rented a cabin for our family. It was good but a bit pricey. My parents and grandma were supposed to have one too but they got bumped into the main building which was really frustrating. There also really wasnt a gathering place for all of the family to get together. We made due and still kinda found ways to gather.

IMG_4256There was lots of time for hanging out.



There are a few kids activities right at Fairmont. One of them was a set of three huge jumpy castles. One was an obstacle course, one just a jumpy castle and another was these huge slides. They were fun but they cost $9 a child. So when you have 5 kids it adds up! We did get a little bit of a discount because we were staying in the cabins but it was still expensive! There were quite a few other kids activities we did not check out.



And of course we spent a LOT of time in the pools. The pools are naturally warm and really nice. There are three pools. A hot one and two coolish ones. One is just for the diving boards. Our kids had a blast in the pools! Our entrance to the pools was covered because we were staying in the cabins. Everyone else had to pay each time. And their family rate only included 2 kids which means you have to pay for anymore kids that than. And there was no ramp to get into the pool so we did get grandma in one day but it was really hard for her to get out and she didn’t try it again. It is not wheelchair accessible at all.


Pros to having a Family Reunion at Fairmont Hot Springs:

  • Great swimming
  • Beautiful surroundings
  • Nice playgrounds on the resort
  • Kids programs available
  • Tennis courts and other activities were available too
  • Most of the staff was great

Cons to having a Family Reunion at Fairmont Hot Springs:

  • Expensive
  • No gathering place for everyone
  • Ordering food at the pool took FOREVER (as in 45 minutes for 4 hot dogs)
  • Not really wheelchair accessible
  • Not really large family friendly

All in all it was a fun reunion and the best part is seeing family you haven’t seen in a while!



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