So this past Saturday we were all home together. No work for Regan (in between rotations) no weddings for me. No soccer or sleep overs or anything. We were just home together. It was marvelous.

We lazed around for a bit in the morning then got our acts together and decided to do some fun family stuff. Went to the farmer’s market first. Picked up some fresh veggies, mini donuts (which the kids LOVED) and some of these.
Gooseberries. (it’s been one of those recipes from the Martha Stewart Handbook I’ve been putting off cause seriously where do you FIND gooseberries. Thank goodness for Hutterites and their fresh produce 😉 If you want to know, I made them into this. It was pretty good. I’d adjust the recipe a bit in the future. But not bad.
Gooseberry Pie
Then we went out to the Bird’s of Prey center in Coaldale where we saw lots of neat birds.
Burrying Owl
Us feeding the ducks
Bald Eagle
Gordon the Owl
And the kids got to hold a couple too….
Alden and GordonAlden and the mini owl
Lucy and GordonLucy and the mini owl
Eli hiding from the big scary birdRegan and Gordon
While we were there Regan told Alden that he could take pictures with his iPhone – which Alden was VERY excited about. He loves taking pictures of things. A collection of some of his shots. Notice all the strangers? He was walking up to people that were there and telling them to say cheese and taking their pictures. hahahaha When I asked him about it he said I took pictures of people all the time. Looks like he is getting the hang of this thing early 🙂 I’d sure love to buy him a real digital camera. Maybe one day!
Snapshots from Alden
When we came home we went to the spray park for a little bit too. Eli was too afraid of all the sprinklers to actually go into the spray park. He likes the idea but just can’t take the uncertainty of when you are going to get sprayed. So he just watched instead.
Watching from the sidelines
Then came home to a late supper and bath and bedtime. It was a good day full of family time.